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Q: What does a hawk need to survive?
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How does a red tailed hawk survive in the desert?

It's habitat

What skill does hawk use to survive?

the skills are it needs food and shelter . it fight off animals with its claw to survive

What is a large hawk that eats a mouse to survive?

All hawks eat mice.

Why do we need to breath?

Because we need it to survive

What does dolphin eat and need to survive?

it need oxygento survive

Do people need sunlight to survive?

no they do not need sunlight to survive

What do jaguars need to survive?

jaguars need their teeth to survive

What did animals do to survive?

They basically do what humans do to survive. Like humans need to eat to survive and we also need to sleep to survive.

How does the northern hawk owl survive in its ecosystem?

It survives by eating small rodents and by having warm feathers.

What helps a hawk survive?

its sharp eye sight and its very strong and sharp talons. also its wings.

How does a hawk meets its basic need for water?


How much land does a Panda need to survive?

What type of habitat does the panda need to survive What type of habitat does the panda need to survive