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Q: What does a high school principal say when he is giving out diplomas?
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Are nation high school diplomas legitimate?

Nation High School offers accredited diplomas. I got this link from google

Does Taxes Tech take online high school diplomas?

If you mean Texas Tech, you need to contact them and ask which, if any, online high school diplomas are acceptable. There are many of them that are not generally accepted by any school or employer.

Are k12 online school's diplomas valid to get a job just like a high school diploma?

K12 online school diplomas are only valid when they come from an accredited home school program.

Where can I inquire anything about accredited high school diploma online?

There are many websites, such as and that offer accredited high school diplomas. These diplomas can be earned by doing course work online rather than in person at a school.

What colleges accept Southeastern High school online diplomas?

none! sadly

Who was the first black principal of Kentwood High School?

The First Black Principal Of Kentwood High School was Ann Smith

What school is Brelinda Sullen High School Principal Alabama?

Notasulga High School

Where do I look for answers on the conduct of the high school principal?

I'm wanting to know the rules and regulations that the high school principal has on kicking a student out of school.

What is the fastest way to earn accredited high school diplomas at home?

It's usually necessary to go to High School to get a real High School diplomas. However you can check out sites like for more information. You can be home schooled by your parents to obtain your diploma. You can also attend classes at

George Mckenna was principal for Washington high school in what year?

George McKenna was the principal of Washington High School in the year 1987.

What is the name of Forks High School's Principal in twilight?

The principal of Forks High School in Twilight is Mr. Weber.

where can I get accredited high school diplomas at home ?

There are many online opportunities to achieve a high school diploma. A few examples are Excel High School (, Continental Academy (, and Citizens' High School (