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I've looked everywhere for this answer and haven't been lucky. Therefore, it is probably just a cute saying that someone has made up. A peach is slang for a vagina.....kiss a peach is slang for oral sex performed on a woman. A kiss and a peach sounds like someone misheard "kiss a peach."

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โˆ™ 2006-02-21 16:15:34
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Q: What does a kiss and a peach mean?
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Princess peach is a princess and princesses are not boy also she would not kiss mario when he saves her and she does kiss mario so yeah peach is a girl.

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Do peach and Mario kiss?


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If you mean Princess Peach, have you been on Earth? She appears in every game!

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It means that the stone (pit / seed) is being removed from the peach.

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no, but he kissed Mario in Super Mario RPG for the super Nintendo

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the peach

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