What does a kiss look like?

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Google it on google images or you can look up a step by step guide on utube

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Q: What does a kiss look like?
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Did my kiss go well?

It depend on how you kiss her/him. You can also tell the look on her face like if she like the kiss or not.

What should you look for before you kiss someone?

you should look for if they really like you and ask if they want to kiss you or not

What would it take for you to kiss me?

What do you look like and how old are you?

How do you tell a guy a like him?

look at him romantically and if he try's to kiss you then you like him

Do parakeets look like they are pecking when they kiss?

Maybe, i dont think they kiss at all.I think they mate though.:)

How do you look like you want to kiss?

stand on your toes and stick your lips out

Do closs your eyes when you kiss a girl?

It is good when you close your eyes because it heightens the feeling of the kiss. It will also make it look like you are enjoying the kiss.

What does Selena Gomez like in a boyfriend?

Anyone who can sing, look like and kiss like Justin bieber

What the best type of kiss to do in public?

The best kiss to do in public is a french kiss, but you only do that when your into it or your trying to show off, but if your around old people and they look like they will say something the kiss for you is a pop kiss!!

What do you do if the boy you like keeps starring at you?

Either blow him a kiss or look away

How do you play hard to get with a guy?

Taunt him. Do a little of something he likes, such as make it look like your going to kiss him, then at the last second turn away or kiss his cheek. Make it look like your going to do it, then switch it up.

How do you kiss a boy when they aren't look?

you kiss

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