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A lion fish eats crustaceans, banded coral shrimp, crabs, and small fish.

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What eats lionfish?

Humans, grouper, and large fish eat lionfish.

Do angelfish eat lionfish?


Who eats the lionfish?

japense people eat lionfish and a fish called the grouper.

Can a lionfish eat a dead gar?

A lionfish can eat any dead fish that is good for its size. If you drop a dead gar in a lionfish's tank, it will eat it.

Could a lionfish kill a piranha?

Yes. A lionfish has poisonous spines and a poisonous body to protect itself. If a piranha and a lionfish met, the piranha will attack the lionfish, but the lionfish would sting it, and kill the piranha and eat it.

What can Jamaica do about the lionfish?

dont eat it

Does a lionfish eat gazelle fish?


What sea animals eat lionfish?

all of them!

What kinds of food does a lionfish eat?

they eat any fish they can catch.

What happens if you put a lionfish and a gar together?

The gar may attack the lionfish, and the gar will get infected by poison and die. The lionfish may eat the dead gar as a snack.

Do lionfish eat zebra fish?

Lionfish is a marine fish while zebrafish is a freshwater fish so these two species normally do not come in contact due to their different habitats. Therefore lionfish do not eat zebrafish. Nevertheless, lionfish feeds on small fish which are of zebrafish size, so if zebrafish would be introduced into marine aquarium with lionfish, the lionfish would probably eat the zebrafish. If not, the zebrafish would die in saltwater. In opposite situation, lionfish probably would not have any appetite if introduced into a freshwater aquarium and soon will die.

What do lionfish eat?

small fish, crab, and shrimp.

Do great white sharks eat lionfish?

No they dont

What food does a lionfish eat?

Lion fish are carnivores. So they DO NOT eat meat.

Do lionfish eat other fish?

Yes, they are predatory hunters.

What do scorpianfish eat?

lionfish,ells,octupus, enything really

Do lionfish have predators?

Natural predators in the Indo-Pacific and Red Sea that are known to eat lionfish include sharks, cornetfish, grouper, large eels, frogfish and other scorpionfish. There is speculation that large snapperand some species of trigger fish eat lionfish in their native ranges as well

What are some lionfish adaptations?

they have a color that warns others not to eat their taster fishness

What kind of fish do lionfish eat?

small fish such has mino's and other fish

Could a piranha kill a lionfish?

No. The lionfish has poisonous body and a lionfish is bigger.

Are lionfish dangerous or tigerfish dangerous?

Both of them are dangerous. The lionfish is full of poison spines and skin, and eats meat. Tigerfish eat meat and have sharp big teeth, but are not poisonous.

Could a gar kill a lionfish?

No. A lionfish is very poisonous, and a lionfish can poison it with its venom.

What is the Latin name for lionfish?

Pterolis volitans is the Latin name of Lionfish. Lionfish is the common name.

What is exanple of a lionfish?

An example of an lionfish are dwarf lionfish. Lionfish have poisonous fins that extend out from their bodies that are extremely potent and can be fatal to a person if not treated immediately.

What eats the lionfish?

Lionfish are eaten by grouper and people.