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Sylvia Plath explained the model of her father which she made. That is a man in black with a Mein Kampf (refers to Nazism and Adolf Hitler) look and his love for the rack and the screw, which means the torture instruments of the middle ages.

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Sylvia Plath wrote the poem in opposition to her husband, Ted Hughes' game shooting. It was written after she realises Hughes' marital infidelity. Using the pheasant as a representation of her marriage with Ted Hughes, she pleads with him that the pheasant(their love) not to be killed. Love is special like the pheasant, unique, as she describes in the poem, but she feels troubled with it's presence. Plath reveals herself to be an intruder of love - she has never really accustomed to love and recalls her uneasiness with Hughes.

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Well, I'm a freshman so don't take me too seriously. I always thought that the people watching the tragedy of the burned down house were like what is wrong with our society and how we love to see other people in distress and our love for drama. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong but that's my best guess because I don't think that there are any metaphors in this poem.

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