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It means that he is going to keep you (most likely marry you) or that if he loses you then he won't go looking for another.

2007-06-20 22:36:11
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Q: What does a man mean when he says your are his last girlfriend?
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What does it mean if your girlfriend says man up?

really? it means stop being a wuss. or your being immature.

When a man says he cares for his ex girlfriend what does it mean?

Well, if that man truly cares about his current girlfriend, then he probably only means he cares for his ex girlfriend in a way friends would and not in the "I love her" or I'm in love with her" manner.

Is it ok for your girlfriend to kiss other man on the lips when she says goodbye?

Is it right for your girlfriend to kiss other man on the lips when she says good bye? In: Uncategorized [Edit categories]

What does it mean when a woman says to a man I AM sorry that I AM not your girlfriend?

It means she thinks he's great, and wants to be his girlfriend, but he's either taken, or just doesn't see her in that way....yet?

What is diggy simmons girlfriend name?

apparently jayla norise he was last seen with her man i mean she is smokin i wish i was diggy simmons

What does it mean when you dream about your ex girlfriend and your current girlfriend in a three some?

that your a man?

If you dream about having a girlfriend does that mean he is straight?

If you dream about having a girlfriend, it does not necessarily mean that your man is straight; it could be due to your fears of finding out that your man is not straight.

What does man of your word mean?

A man of his word is someone who can be trusted, a man who will honour his promises and do what he says he will do and believe what he says he believes.

If a guy says he see him and his girlfriend chasing each other in their walkers does that mean he sees them groiwing old together?

Yes, and it indicates a young man with a good understanding.

What does it mean slurp when a man says it to you?

does it mean a wet kiss

What does it mean when a man says you mean a lot to him?

I think he likes you.

What does last man back mean in soccer?

It means the last man back.

What does it mean if Girlfriend going out for a drink with a man?

She is likely cheating on you!

What does it mean when a man tells you he loves someone else and then comes back and says he loves you?

I am not that sure about that, but it must be good, you were asked last which should mean your his final decision.

What does it mean when a man says I will try?

he will see if he can do it.

What movie is it where the man proposes to his girlfriend and she says no then laughs and says you always wanted to know what that feels like?

It's the "Time Travler's Wife"

What does it mean when a man says he doesn't want an emotional relationship?

hes a man they never know what they mean

Does your boyfriend love you if he tells you he loves you and then he tells you that he has a girlfriend and you are a friend and you think he does not love you but his expression says he loves you?

Men have other friends that are girls all the time, it doesn't mean hes sleeping with them. Go with your instinct. If he says your his girlfriend then you have to ak yourself if you trust him. If you don't trust the man your with then its doomed to fail anyway.

Your girlfriend says that your a bad kisser what do you do?

Don't try so hard. Just relax and go with it man.

What do you say to your girlfriend when she moves in with another man while your deployed to Iraq and says she loves you.?

You say goodbye.

How do you sexually satisfy a man?

My girlfriend just says suck his penis, but that's her opinion. Theres alot of ways to satisfy a man sexually

What does it mean when a man says your name?

he wants you to listen?

What does it mean when someone says the man upstairs?


When a man says you can go out anytime what does that mean?

He likes you.

What is the last thing the old man says in the progressive commercial?