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What does a million dollar bill look like?



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There is no such note that has ever been issued for the US. A number of companies sell novelty items that look like "million dollar" bills but these are intended as jokes. They sell for a couple of bucks and usually have wording like "NOT A MILLION" or something similar printed on them.

The denominations that have been released (for a Federal issue, not including scrip or private issues, nor fractional currency) are:

In current production:








Produced until 1945 and withdrawn from circulation starting in 1969 (they still remain legal tender but if the Federal Reserve gets them they will destroy them, in practice the bills went into collections long before and today maintain a premium over face value even in poor condition, for example expect to pay ~$800 for even a worn $500 bill)





The $100000 note was the largest note ever issued by the US, however it was used solely between banks and never circulated.