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None, because the US never printed a million-dollar note.

There are novelty items that look like $1,000,000 bills but they're intended as jokes.

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Q: Which US President's face is on the 1 million dollar bill?
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Who is face is on the dollar?

George Washington is on the US Dollar bill, the dollar coin has different presidents.

What presidents face is on the US 1 dollar bill?

George Washington appears on the front of the United States One Dollar Bill.

What presidents face was on the 500 dollar bill?

William McKinley - 25th president of the United States

What presidents face is on the US 10 dollar bill?

There is not a president on the US $10 bill. It shows Alexander Hamilton, the first US Secretary of the Treasury.

Who face 10 bill?

Alexander Hamilton's face is on the 10 dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton is one of two non-presidents shown on bills. The treasury building is pictured on the other side.

Face on 10 bill?

Alexander Hamilton is pictured on the 10 dollar bill. He is one of two non-presidents pictured on American money. The other is Ben Franklin.

Who is face is on the 1000000 dollar bill?

No one, because there is no such thing as a $1 million bill. Remove a zero to make it a $100,000 bill and the answer is President Woodrow Wilson.

In which dollar does Lincoln's face appear in?

The $5 dollar bill ... 5 Dollar Bill

What dollar bill is George Washington's face on?

it was on the 1 dollar bill

Was a million dollar bill ever made and whose face was on it?

No. The highest-value note ever made was the $100,000 bill. It had a picture of Woodrow Wilson on it.

Is Bill Gates on the thousand dollar bill?

No, none of the modern presidents are pictured on any US currency with the exception of the presidential quarters. The face of President Grover Cleveland was printed on the $1,000.00 bill, but it is no longer in circulation.

Who is on the face of the 20 dollar bill?

President Andrew Jackson is on the face of the twenty-dollar bill. President Andrew Jackson first appeared on the twenty-dollar bill in 1928.