What does a mucivore eat?

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A mucivore eats mucus or sap from plants. Mucivores are usually insects.

How can you eat?

Stuff fatning foods in our mouths like wendys,mcdonalds,etc., Babies don't eat hot dogs or french fries etc they only drink milk that is how babies eat. You all eat by chewing your food too it is important to chew your food because you could chock on it.

Are you what you eat?

Answer . You're all that 'n' a bag o' chips. You are what you eat, and of course a whole lot more. I think the saying is meant to emphasize that your diet can have a profound affect on your over-all health and well-being, and there is evidence that it can even effect the integrity of your DNA, a ( Full Answer )

Why do you eat as you do?

People eat what they like--also what they can get is a factor--some have philosophical or religious rules they follow or their diet is affected by choices they make for health

What can rabbits eat and not eat?

Well. You may have been to a lot of sites, but, they are all wrong. what rabbits can eat: Hay. Carrot, especially tops. apple. Banana - ONLY OCCASIONALLY as it is sweet and the rabbit will refuse to eat anything else! DARK leaf lettuce - give it light leaf, and it will go to rabbit hea ( Full Answer )

What are you eating when you eat an apple?

You are eating a fruit. Specifically one with these nutrients:. Vitamin A . Calcium . Vitamin C . Iron . Vitamin B-6 . Magnesium . Protein . Carbohydrates . Potassium . The seeds in an apple are poisonous... it would take a great deal of them but it is true.

What eats what?

There are a lot of animals that eats each other and we commonly called it a food chain like (Grass- Grasshopper- frog- snake) and there are also many more types of this food chain

How do snakes eat not what they eat?

If you caught a wild life snake then he won't eat unless you let him go. If it is not a wild life snake, well then he will eat when he is hungry.

Do you have to eat?

Yes, if you want to live, you must eat. The body cannot survive without food.

Why do you have to eat?

Answer Our body needs a certain amount of food to work properly. Crash diets won't work. The only way we can obtain energy is through eating. Our body needs a balance of salt, sugar, fat, vitiamins, and minerals to function. There is no actual reason why we must eat and can't, lets suppose, get our ( Full Answer )

What is eating out?

Eating out is when you practically make out with a girls vagina.. as a girl i--- i highly enjoy this...;)

What is eating?

chewing foood Eating is when a person consumes and digests food. This is done in order to survive.

What not to eat?

Don't eat junk food. Always drink water over other options. Birds and seafood are healthier than other meats. Try not to eat sugary cereal. Also eat healthy snacks like fruit or healthy granola bars. I know so much, yet I'm only 14. (not to be cocky)

What do horses eat and how do they eat and when do they eat?

The horse is an herbivor, which means he only eats plant life, grasses mostly. If no grass is available they will need hay and some kind of grain to make sure they get all the nutrition they require. Their teeth are flat for grinding their food and in their natural habitat will graze for about 20 ho ( Full Answer )

Where do i eat?

At home, or at Salvetore Scalopini's in Flint, Michigan. They have this stuff that you dip your bread in that is amazing! They have the best pasta and they have wonderful cheesecake! Enjoy!!!

Why do you eat out?

because you want to and /or you want to waste money and/or you want to get some wieght.

What can you can Eat?

People can eat food. It varies per person what they exactly can eat. Some reasons people cannot eat certain foods are due to allergies, dislikes for taste, personal choices (vegetarian, for example), religious reasons, intolerances (lactose, for example), or disease (celiacs, for example).

What does you eat?

Any edible substances that can be digested by the digestive enzymes,can be early absorb in the bloodstream and also assimilated through the process of oxidization to release energy.

What do you do when you eat?

Firstly, you chew it in your mouth. Then, you swallow by pushingthe chewed up food down your throat with your throat. Next, thefood you just ate will go down your esophagus into your stomach. Itwill then get digested by your stomach acids and move on to theintestines. After that, it will keep on mov ( Full Answer )

Why are you eating?

Most people eat because you are hungry and you know you are hungry when your brain sends a message to your stomach

What do moas eat do they eat kiwis?

Moas do not eat kiwi, as they are now extinct. There is no evidence to suggest that moas ate kiwi when the two species coexisted.

Why do the French eat what they eat?

The main reasons why the French eat what they eat are . they are hungry . the food is available to them . it is nutritious . they like the taste of it In fact the food in France is delicious; foreigners who refuse to even try frog's legs do not know what they are missing.

When do children start eating and what do they eat?

When a baby is born obviously it has either its mothers milk or formula. Around 2/3 months the milk will not satisfy a baby, as it may feel hungry because of growth etc. so this is when you can feed your baby 'baby rice' (which looks like very runny porridge) this helps as a filler, to fill baby up. ( Full Answer )

Do Crab Eating Foxes eat?

crabs Moles plants fishes rabbits, voles, spiders, grasshoppers, ground eggs, crabapples, birds, groundhogs, mice, rats, jellyfishes, bird eggs, squirrels, salamanders, frogs, chipmunks, grills, snails and earwings

Who eats eats what in Finding Nemo?

A barracuda eats Coral and the eggs (except Nemo), a angler fish and a shark tries to eat Marlin and Dory, but fails.

Why you are eating?

Your eating has severl reasons: -to survive -to get energy for growing -to grow up strong! Also dont eat too much that gives you something called "fat". Fat makes you weak and heavy. so eat healthy fods!

What do wolves eat and where do they eat?

The Canadian Gray Wolf prays on any animal species that they can kill. Contrary to popular belief that they eat fuzzy little things in the woods, they are predators, and as such they dine on whatever presents itself. In April of 2010, near the town of Dillon, Montana, two male wolves killed and/or m ( Full Answer )

What foods can vegetarians eat and not eat?

Vegetarians don't eat the flesh of any animals, including mammals,fish, birds, and mollusks (e.g. clams). Ovo-vegetarians include eggs in their diet. Lacto-vegetarians include milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Ovo-lacto-vegetarians include both. Vegans include neither. Strict vegans don't eat ( Full Answer )

What did the Romans not eat that you eat today?

Processed foods, such as Hamburger Helper and hot dogs, were of course not on the Roman table. They also did not have sugar as we know it so they used honey as a sweetener. They may have had access to unrefined sugar but it was rare, expensive, and primarily used in medicines. They did not have toma ( Full Answer )

What can eat a human that snakes can eat?

Human can eat bird, eggs ,mice (I saw it in the TV) and snake, while snakes can eat mice, bird, eggs and even another snake when their in a fight if the smaller snake loses and the larger snake wins.

What do starfish eat and what eats a starfish?

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles. The predators that eat that are manta rays, some sharks and other bony fishes like to pick them off the bottom of the sea and eat them. Sometimes other larger starfishes since they can eat the starfish by attacking, kill and ( Full Answer )

Why do you eat what you eat?

Cuz you wanted to live and you have a small shaft because you dont know anything for squat you little tiny grey goo covered blow up doll. Blow job

What does eat eat eat mean?

It means to eat A LOT! or it can be used in song, as "Eet, eet, eet," as used in the Regina Spektor song "Eet."

They eat you?

Lions eat you. Tigers eat you. Dogs lick you. Cats lick you. Humans lick you. You eat potatos.

What do you do after you eat?

You wash your hands with soap and water, and you brush your teeth to remove the food particles that stick between your teeth.

Why you eat what you eat?

You have taste buds on your tongue everyone has different ones and so you can be a super taster or a no taster. super taster has taste buds that can detect extra bitterness. And no tasters can taste but it's not so sensitive and bitter. So when your buds get accustomed to foods it approves and like ( Full Answer )

Have you eat?

I have, I have! Only once and it was wonderful, yes. You've brought back some very fond memories for me I'd completley forgotten.

Are you what you eat or do you eat what you are?

you are what you eat is the corect way to say it because if you eat something unhealthy then you are unhealthy and if you eat something healthy then you are healthy.

What do you eat with?

We (humans) can eat with utensils our hands, our mouth (with our teeth, tongue, salivary glands, etc.) and any other way to get food into our bodies.

Will not eat?

In general, an animal won't eat if it either isn't hungry or for whatever reason is too sick or injured to eat. This is typically a medical problem that will need a veterinarian to help resolve.

How do they eat it?

well they will first either cut it up in pieces or eat it wholethen they pick the food up and take a bite in to it.