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Is a mushroom a detritivore?

Yes, they decompose. (:

How does the mushroom decompose things?

they munch on it

Can mushroom decompose an American alligator?


Is a mushroom a decomposer?

Yes, because a mushroom is a species of Fungi and Fungi releases enzymes that decompose.

What exactly does a mushroom decompose?

a mushroom is a fungi so it decomposes bacteria to eat because it is a consumer not a producer.

Is mushroom a consumer or a producer?

Not only is a mushroom a consumer but it's also a decompose rs

What does a mushroom need to live?

It needs a wet and humid environment. It makes it easier to decompose stuff.

Is a mushroom a decomposer even if it doesn't have fugi on it?

A mushroom actually is a fungi. It releases enzymes that decompose dead plants and animals. Other types of fungi are mildew and mold.

What is the function of mushrooms?

Mushrooms and other fungi usually decompose dead organic material. The mushroom itself is the reproductive system of the underground fungus.

Which trophic level does the mushroom belong to?

Mushrooms are a type of fungus. All fungi are heterotrophs. They primarily decompose and feed off of other organisms.

Were does a mushroom come from on the plant?

a mushroom is a mushroom.

What are facts about the mushroom?

.1 fact mushroom .2 fact mushroom .3 fact mushroom i did .3 facts about mushroom .1 fact mushroom .2 fact mushroom .3 fact mushroom ha ha ha

What is a poisonous mushroom?

A poisonous mushroom is a poisonous mushroom

What is the process that can renew soil called?

Decomposition. Decomposers such as mushroom, bacterium(fungus and bacteria) decompose dead matters and animal wastes into mineral salts for plants to grow healthily.(my answer maybe is not related)

How many species of mushroom are found in the mushroom burger?

There are 4 species of mushroom in Mushroom Burger.

What will decompose?

anything will decompose if it has air

Will a sea shell decompose?

no they will not decompose

How does fruit decompose?

how does fruit decompose ?

Do animals decompose?

It depends on how you are implying the word 'decompose'. Animals do not decompose other dead organisms, but animals are decomposed and will decompose after death.

What makes a mushroom a mushroom?

A mushroom has no chlorophyll, no true stem, or roots.

What does a mushroom look like?

A mushroom has a dome on the top, and has a stem on the bottom. A mushroom is usu. gray (everywhere on the mushroom).

How does fungus help decompose?

what do fungis decompose

Can toads decompose?

Yes. When they die, they decompose.

Do zebras decompose?

After they die, all animals decompose. Being an animal, a zebra will decompose after it dies.

How long does brass take to decompose?

Brass is a metal it does no decompose. Only organic materials can decompose.