Salamanders and Newts

What does a newt look like?

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A newt looks like a salamander - if you have ever seen one. Newts are a small lizard that varies in color, and I think that they change color, too.

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What does a young newt look like?

its a regular newt but smaller and skinnier

What do newt look like?

its like a tadpole with 4 legs and it can live on land and water.

Describe what a newt looks like?

they look like a tadpole with 4 legs basically

What is a amphibian that looks like a lizard?

Salamander or newt. They look sort of like lizards but are amphibians.

Is a newt a fish?

yes a newt is a fish No, a Newt is a Amphibian, like Frogs.

What does a baby newt look like?

A small, underwater lizard with a fringe around the collar.

What do newt eggs look like?

a single egg which look like a clear ball and a black dot inside with a layer of goo surronding it

How do you use the word newt in a sentence?

Eye of newt and tail of bat completes the potion of Ingblatt. Just look at that colorful newt! My pet newt is on the loose again!

Is a newt a reptile?

A newt is an amphibian. they like to eat anything.

What is the plural of newt?

The plural of newt is newts. As in "newts like to live by water".

What does a pregnant newt look like?

First, a female newt looks a lot different from a male, so make sure your newt is a female. Then, if it is winter time then the chances are more likely that she is pregnant. Thirdly, she will be lazy and, of course eat more and grow big.

What do girl newts look like?

A male newt has -Slender body -Longer tail -Less robust body -Enlarged vent -Typically larger than female newt hope i helped!

What is a newt tadpole?

a newt that is in the larve stage a baby they look like frog babys but they eat small insects and microbes refer to this sight when looking for what they eat.

Is a newt an amfibian?

A newt is an amphibian and is also known as an eft. This animal is at home both on land and in the water. A newt looks like a lizard and eats insects.

What does a boy fire belly newt look like?

A boy fire bellied newt has a red back with black spots about, 4 and on it's stomach it has the same except it's back is more dark than it's back.

What is a newt?

A Little Salamander-Like Critter

What animal looks like a lizard?

a newt

What is the strongest newt?

the strongest newt/salamander is found in the lakes of japan and is called the japanese giant salamander look it up on the web and you will know its the biggest and the toughest

How does a newt breed?

he breeds like an idiot he breeds like an idiot he breeds like an idiot

Is a newt a pollinator?

no newt is not a pollinator

Is a newt a marsupial?

A newt is an amphibian.

Do a newt have a skeleton?

do newt have a skeleton

How do you know the gender of a fired belly newt?

Carefully pick up the newt between your forefinger and thumb. Carefully turn it over so its belly is facing you. Look at the vent and then look at the cloaca. If there is a bulge where the rectum is and if the rectum is a hole, it is a female.

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Is a Newt a vertebrate?

yes, a newt is a vertebrate.

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