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What does a nightingale sound like?


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July 25, 2009 6:35AM

like this! Unfortunately, having heard many real nightingales and many recordings, no matter how good the recording (and the one on the link is a good one), or how expensive the play-back equipment, I can tell you that recordings are a very poor immitation of the real thing. People hearing one in real life for the first time will generally agree too. In real life the song seems to come from everywhere and has no harsh notes at all. I was once stopped by a work colleague in a state of excitement who said - "I was out last evening and heard this bird.............". I stopped her and told her immediately that it was a nightingale, she did not need to say any more and I did not have to know where she had been at the time. I said that it was like a warm oily calm, like a warm bath that floated across the ground and wrapped itself gently around you - "yes, yes, that was it, exactly". Incredibly beautiful and mellow.