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Panther is not a particular animal. It can refer to any big cat from the genus panthera - an African lion, a tiger, a leopard, a snow leopard or a jaguar. Depending on the species, they may be found in Asia, Africa, North America, South America or Central America. Each has a distinct appearance.

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are tawny brown on the back and pale gray underneath

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What does a Oak Grove Panther look like?

An Oak Grove Panther is a member of the Oak Grove High School in Missouri and the mascot of the school and football team is a panther.

What does a black panther look like?

black and scary

What do panther paws look like?

giant cat paws .

Where do you find a dress made from a panther?

A dress made to look like panther print is pretty easy, just look online. For a dress made from an actual panther, that's much harder to find.

What does a leopard look like?

A large cat with spots.A leopard is a feline, it looks like a panther. In fact both animals are of the same species. but a leopard has spots and not the panther

What is vermonts sport logo look like?

A V with a animal that looks like a panther coming out of it

What would a black panther look like if mixed witha cheetah?

it would look like a cheetah but larger and slower and black.

What does a panther paw look like?

Black or tan depending on what kind and and like a giant cat paw

What does a leopard kind of look like?

a leopard looks like a panther but has spots on it...well its kind of hard to explain, I would look it up on google

Does a panther have scales?

No a panther has skin and fur like all mammals.

What animals are very much like a panther?

A fossa is much like a panther. Researchers have a hard time tracking it. It looks like a panther with an extra long tail and acts like one too.

Does a panther keep its mate for life?

No. They are generally alone and only look for another panther to mate.

Who is the black panther from marve?

A hero from the avengers that is dress up like a panther

What does a Florida panther look like?

A panther is a very large cat. BUT the color can be different some can be black or light brown. Depends where you are. The Florida panther is a subspecies of the mountain lion, and is a basic light brown color, with white underparts and black on the muzzle and ears, black tipped tail.

What does the black panther look like?

Like any other leopard or jaguar, except for the black background color. The spots can be seen when light hits the animal directly. and some could be black and brightest color:)

Why is a panther a carnivore?

The panther is a carnivore just like all other big cats because it eats meat

What is a male panther called?

A male panther is simply called a panther. A female panther is called a she-panther and a baby panther is called a cub.

What is a leopard like animal?

Panther is the closest I can think of.

What other animal looks like a jaguar?


Notes and rhythm for the pink panther on the flute?

Just search online Pink Panther Flute, and look through the first couple links and you'll find it

What one of the five is least like the other four lion hyena tiger panther?

The lion, tiger, and the panther are of the cat family. The hyena is the least like those.

How do scientists test to see if panthers are the same species as leopards?

The term 'panther' applies to certain big cats the way the word 'terrier' does to dogs. All leopards, jaguars and cougars ( also known as mountain lions or pumas ) are members of the panther family and are therefore panthers. Most people hear the word ' panther ' and think of a very big black cat. These are always black leopards or black jaguars. No-one would look at a leopard and say 'Oh look at that panther' but nevertheless it is a panther - one type of panther.

The violin Music notes to the pink panther theme?

look for it by Henry Mancini

What does a puma look like?

It looks like a large cat also known as a puma, mountain lion, or panther.

What song does Beyonce sing in The Pink Panther?

'Woman Like Me''Woman Like Me'