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What does a parrot look like?

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Parrots are among the most colourful of birds. They come in a variety of colours, from subtle pinks and plain white to vivid colours of the rainbow.

Parrots have strong, curved beaks, and are known for their ability to mimic a variety of sounds, including human speech. They have sharp claws to hold their food and cling to branches. They vary in size from small budgerigars to the large Hyacinth Macaw.

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There are literally hundreds of different kinds of parrots. Which species are you referring to?

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This sight has pictures and information check it out

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like your mom (very funny...) A parrot fish looks alot like a rainbow, it has alot of neon types of colors on it and pretty big and fat. They have alot of blue and a light green on them. Freshwater parrot fish just has one color that's neon like again, Usually pink, blue, green, yellow, ect.

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they look like tiny transparent balls... if they are completely white then the are duds. my parrots laid eggs so i researched it... hope this helped!

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It sepends on the type of parrot. Most look very small(obviously) and very cute in my opinion. Red skin and no feathers.

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