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What does a pirate ship tattoo symbolize?


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Symbolism of a Pirate Ship TattooA pirate ship tattoo symbolizes someone's life. The fact that they traveled through rough sea's (times), struggled along the way, but they have made it in life despite everything they had to go through.

Side note;

A pirate ship is also the symbol of a free spirit.

well first off the flag means will never surrender without a fight behind ships ware mostly adorned by criminals or sailors in the old days the idea behind the criminals ship means that he stands outside of the law and will do what ever it takes to get by a kind or pirate mentality the tattoo also represents a nomadic type of person a person that does not fit into society's norms an outcast of sorts

so in short it means that the person wants to lead a life of freedom against all adversity and will pummel anything that gets in his or her way

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