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What does a red light bulb mean on your porch?


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It may mean a lot of things. You might have ran out of whit or a clear build and a red bulb was all you had to use.


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In some places a red porch light means drug dealer or prostitution.

Check your signals. There is a light bulb that needs to be replaced.

R40 is a Red Heat Lamp Light Bulb BR40 is a Clear Heat Lamp Light Bulb

Mostly Visible Light and Infra-red, as an incandescent bulb by definition emits light through the generation of heat.

Red means STOP. What does it say? Red is always used for the oil pressure light.

a red traffic light means stop and a red blinking flashing light means its a stop sign

Red=stop red flashing= light is broken, use your judgement in crossing.

In effect, any colour light can be shone upon a red coloured filter by human control, but the filter will only filter through the red coloured light in the light shone upon it. For instance, if you activated a regular light bulb, placed a red filter just above it, and looked through the other side of the filter, the light bulb would appear red.

Change the color of the bulb. [mec3usa] merge the green light with red and blue light.

The spare bulb with the red tip make the lights flash on and off

According to Wien's law, red stars are cooler than blue stars. This concept can be easier to understand using a light bulb. For example, when you turn off a light, the temperature of the bulb will decrease and you will notice the bulb turning red. The cooler light becomes, you will notice the obvious change in brightness and the color shifts towards red and the intensity is lowered.

The red light means the battery is low.

Blinking red light signifies alertness or danger.

A red light district is the part of a city that has prostitutes.

it is the camo lizard that blends in with your porch

red bulb for the night time and white bulb pluse uv tube for the day.

It means most likely your porch is part of his territory.

A radiant heater, or an infra-red light bulb, a ceramic hob.

Film is exposed to red light because of the radiating influx of the temporical light standards, if the light came from a normal bulb, light that emitted from it would make it dull and not show the picture in full quality.

In simple terms, the current passes through the tungsten filament present in the bulb which causes it to heat instantaneously into red hot to white hot and hence light energy emits.

a battery[or motor,generator,ect.],2 wires,a red wire[positive terminal],and a black wire[negative terminal],a light bulb holder[to connect the wires to],and a light bulb.

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