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it means water

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What relaionship was Confucianism most based on?

parent and child

Is chris brown in a relaionship right now?

He is in a relationship with Ciara.

Describe a Virgo and Virgo relaionship?

sex is great, but you argue a lot

What judeo-Christian concept?

The relaionship between jewish and Christian concepts

What is the natural world?

The natural world is the world we walk in.

Can you drive with permit and parent with no license?

No. The adult "supervising" your driving MUST be a licensed driver, regardless of their relaionship to you.

What does world heritage mean?

The term World Heritage is applied to sites of outstanding universal natural or cultural significance, which are included on the World Heritage List.

How many natural world heritage sites are there?

There are 206 natural World Heritage sites.

What does it mean to live in harmony with the natural world?

To allow all creatures to live free without harm.

What does conservationism mean?

exploitation and protection with a primary focus on maintaining the health of the natural worldenergy conservation

Is soil alive what does that mean?

soil is not alive it is just a natural resource to keep the world green and fresh

Is environment an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a noun meaning a particular set of physical conditions, natural or artificial. It can also mean the entire natural world or biosphere. The adjective form is environmental.

What does it mean when a girl tells a boy she loves him then she says she is joking?

Well that probably means she does love him but she's afraid of what he's going to say or how he feels ... so she holds back !!! * Also, she's flirting with him!! :)... there will be a relaionship soon <3 *

What kind of scientist observes the natural world?

a naturalist observes the natural world

When did Natural World Museum end?

Natural World Museum ended in 2009.

When was Natural World Museum created?

Natural World Museum was created in 2001.

What is the meaning of natural words?

the natural mean that which is not artificial

Do all the natural disasters around the world mean that the apocalypse is coming?

No, there is no such thing as the apocalypse. Natural disasters are a natural part of the earths weather and geological cycles. They have happened for thousands of years and will continue to happen for thousands of years.

What do pagans think about the natural world?

Many Pagans view the natural world as sacred, and utilizes the natural energies of the natural world to help in their magic. The world can not only be seen scientifically, but from a divine manner as well. The Earth is our mother and father.

Is the polar shift going to end the world in 2012?

It may bring about strange weather and other natural occurances on the earth. That doesn't mean the world will end.

The study of the natural world?

science, or natural philosophy.

You find the mean of first natural number?

The first natural number is usually taken to be 1. The mean of one number is itself so the mean of the first natural number is 1.

What does it mean to say that something is natural for chimpanzees?

Natural behavior

What does natural mean?

Natural means ;ordinary daily things.For example,like my hair is natural, my legs are natural my ears are natural.

How do scientists learn about the natural world?

Scientists use observation and experimentation to learn about the natural world.