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Design an appropriate experiment to test the hypothesis.

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Q: What does a scientist do after he makes a hypothosis?
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The proposed solution to the question a scientist asks is the?


What do scientist make to help them make a hypothosis or graphs?

To make a hypothosis scientists need to know their facts and remember a hypothosis is just a guess, scientists can be wrong.

What makes a hypothosis testable?

when you perform the experiment

A statement that describes what scientist expect to happen every time under a particular set of conditions is a?


What does hypothosis mean?

An hypothosis is an educated guess.

What is hypothosis?

it is a problem

How do you spell hypothosis?


What is a proven hypothosis?

a theory.

What is the next step if the data from an investigation do not support the original hypothosis?

Recheck data and if still valid, scrap hypothosis

What are types of scientific investigation?

A Hypothosis.

What makes a scientist a scientist?

they have there own way of thinking

If data from repeated experiments do not support the hypothosis what is the scientist next step?

Write your conclusion, your hypothesis was wrong, which really doesn't matter, your hypothesis is the guess you have about what is going to happen in an experiment.

A scientist makes observations about something he or she?

A scientist makes observations about something he or she wants to learn more about.

What does hypothoses mean?

"Hypothoses" is the plural of "hypothosis."

What does intooduction mean in science?

ithink its a hypothosis

What do you call a scientist that makes things?

One such scientist is an engineer.

What makes a psychologist a scientist?

psychology makes scientist because there study is all about science and they also explore .

What is a possible answer to a question called?

A guess, hypothosis, estimate?

What is another name for the alternate hypothesis?

research hypothosis

When conducting a literary analysis what is useful to propose?

a hypothosis

Why is a hypothosis necessary?

So that you have direction in experimentation and investigation.

Who makes refrigerators?

i think scientist

What are the quantities of a scientist?

Did you mean qualities? Quantities of a scientist makes no sense at all.

What type of scientist makes maps of the earth?

Thsi Type Of Scientist is a Geologist

What is a judgment based on interpreting observations and science?

theory hypothosis