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What does a seed have inside?


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air ( this is the wrong answer)

There are three important parts inside the seed that grow and turn into a plant.

1) the embryo, 2) the endosperm 3) the seed coat. These play a vital but very different role in the development of the seeds growth.


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A plant does not got inside a seed; The seed transforms into a plant when cared for with sunlight and water.

(1) seed develops inside fruit → seed is dispersed → seed germinates → plant grows (2) seed is dispersed → seed develops inside fruit → seed germinates → plant grows (3) seed germinates → plant grows → seed is dispersed → seed develops inside fruit (4) seed is dispersed → plant grows → seed germinates → seed develops inside fruit The answer is number 1.

A miniature plant inside the seed is called an embryo

You can find out what is inside a seed by getting a knife and slicing it open. You would want to be careful not to break it. There are two things in the seed, starch and Seed leaf.

It depends on what you mean, the inside of the seed, inside of the cob? The inside the seed is called the germ. Or do you mean the corn on your big toe?

In a seed, you can find an embryo or a zygote.

The young plant inside a seed is called an embryo. no the embyro is fertilized to create the seed. the answer is an enbryonic plant

cotyledon. one seed leaf = monocotyledonous two seed leaves = dicotyledonous

no, but inside of it is

the inside of a seed has an embryo and a cotyledon. every seed has a different type of cotyledon. there are two types of cotyledons - monocotyledon and dicotyledon.

The spore is what is inside/protected by the seed.

the first young leaves inside the embryo of a seed would be a cotyledon (I think)

the seeds inside of the seed passes on information when it is a flower

Inside itself, put there by the parent plant when it grows the seed.

The immature plant inside a seed is called an embryo. This is the earliest stage of development for the organism.

A seed contains an embryo plant which uses the endosperm inside the seed for food before it is planted.

the pine seed is inside the cone. the cone must be peeled and split to remove the seed

If the embryo inside the seed has two cotyledons it is a dicot seed. If it has scutellum and plenty of endosperm it is a monocot seed.

the seed inside the apple inside the core

Mango seeds are found inside mango fruit. Lemon seeds are found inside lemons.

This describes the basic structure of a seed. Within the seed, there is an embryo that has food reserves within the seed coat.

the seed of the peach is called a STONE

The job of a seed is to have food for the rest of the plant. The seed also grows a small plant inside of it.

An embryo inside the seed coat may contain two cotyledones, a radicle and a plumule etc., if this seed belongs to dicot; if it is a monocot seed, the embryo will have a scutellum, an epiblast, a coleoptyl, a coleorhiza and plenty of endosperm.

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