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The place sets in Italy where Mo and Meggie lived and then Germany where Elinore lived.

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Q: What does a setting in a story happen in Inkheart?
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Is 'Inkheart' fictional or nonfictional?

Inkheart is a fiction story :)

What is the setting of Inkheart?

In Europe, Italy

What is the theme of inkdeath?

Inkheart is about Mortimer Falchart and his daughter Meggie, who were left alone after Mortimer accidentally read some characters out of, and his wife (Theresa/Resa) into a very special book - Inkheart. The story is about Meggie discovering all of this and the characters trying to capture Mortimer and his magic voice, as well as all the copies of their story; while Mortimer is trying to find his wife again.

What time happen the setting of story a cricket boy?

The setting of the story "The Cricket Boy" is on Huayin

Where did the story happen in The story of aged Mother?

setting: time:long long time ago. place:shinano by:aslia p.

Why is the author of Inkheart someone else in the movie than it is in real life?

Because Inkheart is different in the book than it is in real life. In the book, its a fiction story and in real life it is a fiction story about a fiction story, two different things.

What is the main setting of a mystery story called?

Any setting you want -- you're the author! Mystery stories can happen anywhere, so anywhere is a good setting.

How do you set up reader expectations for what will happen in the rest of the story?

One function if setting.

Where does the story happen?

The place the story happens is called the setting. The setting includes the geographical location, as well as the time period. For instance, a story about a Russian princess in 2010 would be a different setting than a story about a Russian princess in 1810.

What time period is the setting of the book Inkheart?

The book takes place in post-modern day Europe.

How does the title Inkheart relate to the story?

Because an evil man named Capricorn had a heart as black as ink. It says it in the story.

Where did the story Makoto and the Cowrie Shell happen?

The setting of Makato and Cowrie Sheel is in the City of Mon and Sukhotai.