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take your dog or cat to the vet and have it spayed. If you can't afford this call a humane society and ask them where you can find a low cost or free spay neuter clinic in your area.

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Where do they sell kittens?

Generally you can purchase kittens at a pet store. But, instead I highly recommend that you get a cat from your local animal shelter. There are so many kitties there that are in need of a good home.

How many puppies and kittens are born daily in US?

An estimated 70000 puppies and kittens are born each day in the United States.

How many kittens and puppies come from breeders?


Where can one adopt kittens and puppies?

A person who is interested in adopting a kitten or a puppy can find them at their local animal shelter and take one home for a minimal fee. There are many adoption agencies across the United States.

If i have 2 boxers and 2 bengals can they both mate and can i keep there puppies and kittens and raise them myself?

If you have 2 boxers and 2 Bengals, they can both mate as long as you have one male boxer, and one female boxer, and one female Bengal and one male Bengal, that are not related to one another. You can keep their puppies and kittens and raise them yourself, however it is a lot of work to take care of puppies and kittens. There are also many puppies and kittens looking for homes so its not really a good idea to breed your pets.

An animal shelter has 32 puppies if there are 32% of the total dog and cat population how many dogs and cats are in the animal shelter?


Where can one find Yorkies puppies for sale?

Yorkies puppies can be found at a local animal shelter. Many animals are abandoned yet perfectly healthy. You should contact your local shelter for more information.

How many baby dog can a cat have at one time?

None. Dogs have baby dogs (puppies). Cats have kittens.

List of animals with their young ones?

There are many animals with young ones. There are cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, horses and foals, and many others.

Where are Christmas puppies sold?

Christmas puppies are available from many websites. You can get them from the humane shelter, newspaper ads and local classifieds. Alternatively, you can get them from the Puppy Mill Website.

Where are some places that one could buy cheap puppies?

When it comes to purchasing puppies many local pet stores have puppies for sale. If the price is an issue one can always check with a local pet shelter to see if there is any puppies for adoption.

How many puppies or kittens can a dog or cat have on petz 4 and 5?

they can have quite a few but the maximum for 1 litter at a time is 5

Where can you purchase cute puppies?

Cute puppies can be purchased from pet stores or breeders. They can also be purchased at a local animal shelter. Many times cute puppies are available "free to a good home." Check Craig's List.

Where can I find a store that sells puppies?

Please don't go to a store or a breeder. There are so many puppies needing good homes at any SPCA or other animal shelter. thanks.

Where can you buy puppie?

If you want to buy a puppie in my opion you should go to the shelter because there are many puppies that people get rid of. Also we need to make more room of other dogs/puppies

How do you have 16foopet babies on foopets?

The average litter on FooPets ranges from four to seven in number. Anything more than seven is considered a "glitched litter". Having a litter of 16 kittens or puppies is rare, and not something you can manually plan. How many puppies or kittens that are born in a litter is derived by a random program, that assigns a random litter amount to litters born.

How many kittens do Bengals have?

Bengal Tigers usually have two kittens at a time. They can have as many as three kittens and is for you as one.

Cat spay in pregnant cat procedure?

First they would anesthetize the cat and go along with a typical spay. Without assistance, the kittens die and are thrown out in bio waste. If you're thinking of doing this to your cat, i beg you not. When I was working at an animal shelter, seeing dead kittens in the garbage is really sad, and it messes with the mother cat. Most of the time, the mothers get stressed and will cry for her kittens for hours, or even days. If your cat is pregnant, please wait till she gives birth and send them to local animal shelter. I am a veterinarian, improving this answer. So this person works at a shelter. Really? How many cats are euthanized there? How many come in every day, and how many are adopted? I worked at a shelter too, we spayed pregnant cats all the time. Let her have the kittens and bring them to a shelter? The shelters are full, they can't accept more. Kittens get homes, adults get euthanized because there are too many kittens and no one wants the adults, who stay in shelters sometimes for months. Stress? Not really. Most mother cats do not even miss their kittens, and act completely normal. At my practice, we euthanize the kittens in the uterus, after it has been removed from the mother. That is humane. Bio waste is not garbage, and the babies will not be found in a land fill. Please don't post answers when you don't know what you are talking about. And please ask veterinarians, not lay people.

Where does a pet store get their pets from?

Every pet store get their pets from different places. But many stores that sell puppies get them from puppy mills! The dogs are not cared for very well, so I would recommend going to a dog breeder or a reliable shelter before going to a pet store. this answer is a frod

How many puppies can a cairn terrier have?

how many puppies can a cairn terrier have. how many puppies can a cairn terrier have.

How many kittens can a leopard have?

about 1 to 6 kittens.

Where could one find free puppies in NC?

Check your local newspaper first. Many people will advertise in them to get rid of unwanted puppies. If you don't mind spending a few dollars, you can visit your local animal shelter and adopt a puppy.

Do puppies have to be dewormed?

Many Vets routinely recommend deworming puppies as some intestinal worms are easily passed from mom to puppies before they're born. Deworming is easy and relatively inexpensive, considering the risk of the puppies passing some worms to humans, especially children who like to cuddle and kiss the puppies and let the puppies lick their face. Your Vet can give you the best advice about intestinal parasites prevalent in your area, and which ones your puppies should be treated for.

What age does a kitten start to urinate and poop on there own?

When they are born, and they never need help. If your cat is having kittens it is important to keep the kitty shelter clean. Many times mommy kitten will take care of the kittens themselves, but the bedding will be nasty if it is not kept clean. Yes you can move the kittens, if you are scared of hurting the kittens by handling them slide a washcloth under them and lift them out of the bedding that way to clean it or change it.

What would a vet recommend if your cat had kittens keep them or sell them?

This really depends on the vet. Sadly, most vets are not very knowledgeable in cat breeding, but a good vet would recommend that the cat be spayed for the health of the cat and to help the current overpopulation of cats in the world. If you have the space, money and time to keep all the kittens for 20 years or so, then do so. If you cannot, then selling the kittens at 12 weeks old to good owners (a reputable breeder will ask many questions about the prospective owner's lifestyle and possible knowledge on cats) may be a good idea. However, due to the sheer amount of cats in rescue, it may be many months before your kittens will be adopted. Be ready to be able to look after these kittens for many many months if need be.

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