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Silcoon will evolve into Beautifly.

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Q: What does a silcoon evolve into?
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How does wurmple evolve into silcoon?

Wurmple evolve into Silcoon/Cascoon at level 7. Then, Silcoon/Cascoon evolve into Beautifly/Dustox at level 10.

How does a wurmple evolve into a silcoon?

A Wurmple will evolve into either a Silcoon or a Cascoon at level 7. Then at level 10, it will evolve into a Beautifly (Silcoon) or Dustox (Cascoon).A wurmple will evolve in either silcoon or cascoon depending on its personality value.

Does beautifly evolve?

no it does not evolve Silcoon reaches level 10, it will evolve into Beautiflywurmplesilcoonbeautifly

How do you evolve silcoon?

it doesnt cascoon evolvs into silcoon

When will silcoon evolve?

Silcoon evolves into a Beautifly at level 10.

How does silcoon evelve?

Silcoon evolves by training it. When Silcoon reaches level 10, it can evolve into Beautifly.

In ruby version what level does silcoon evolve into beutifly?

Silcoon will evolve at a low level because bug Pokemon evolve quickly.

What level does silcoon evolve?

Silcoon evolves into Beautifly at level 10

Whhat level does silcoon evolve at?

Silcoon evolves at Level 10.

What level does Silcoon evolve at on Ruby?

Silcoon evolves at level 10, as does Cascoon.

What level does the Pokemon silcoon evolve?

Silcoon evolves into a Beautifly at level 10

What Pokemon does silcoon evolve into?

In beautifly....

What does silcoon evolve into?

beautifly at level 11

What does silcoon evolve into in Pokemon ruby?


What level does silcoon evolve in emerald?

Level 10.

What level silcoon evolve?

it evoleves at level 10

What does wurple evolve into?

wurple evoves into silcoon or cascoon.

On Pokemon platinum when does silcoon evolve?

LV 10

What level does wurmpul evolve at?

At level 6 into cascoon or silcoon and level 10 if cascoon dustox in silcoon beautyfly

Which Pokemon episode does Mays silcoon evolve?

May's Silcoon evolves in Episode 304 which is titled "Seeing is Believing!"

How do you get Wurmple to evolve into Silcon and not Cascon?

it evolve by gender cascoon male silcoon female

On Pokemon platinum what is the evolutions of cascoon?

Wurmple can go one of two ways, it can evolve into a Silcoon or a Cascoon. Silcoon evolve into Beautifly. On the other hand, Cascoon evolves into Dustox.

In the Pokemon TCG there is a Silcoon card that has the move Ascension which basically allows you to evolve Silcoon into Beautifly so can you use this move after you evolve Wurmple in the same turn?

NO but good question

Does cascoon evovle?

Wurmple evolves into either Cascoon or Silcoon at random. Then Cascoon and Silcoon evolve into Dustox and Beautifly respectively.

What does wurmple evolve into?

wurmple evolves in to silcoon or cascoon but it is totally random. then silcoon evolves in to a beautifly and cascoon evolves in to a dustox