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What does a slash mean before a name signature in emails?

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It is intended to suggest a signature as opposed to just the typed name. I suspect this practice derives from similar signifiers used in typewritten copies of legal documents. It also seems likely that it is related to the practice of using slashes to represent /italics/. The parallel with closing HTML tags () may also have helped to cement this practice as it is used at the end of an email. This seems like a more tenuous connection but it does account for the loss of the slash after the name. Another explanation for that could be that the email style is a blend of two common typewritten styles (see below). Email version: /John Doe Typewriter versions: s/John Doe /John Doe/

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What does a slash before a name signature on email mean mean?

The slash before a name signature on an email means that the document has been electronically signed. In most cases, it is considered as valid as an actual pen and ink signature.

What does slash S slash mean on a signature line?

Sir, /s/ is a representation of a signature in documents where the hand-written signature itself could not or was not scanned. Sincerely, /s/ Eric

What do you mean by Signature of an email?

It is like a template, you can pre-load your signature (what you would sign a letter with) to save time when replying to emails.

What does Email signature mean?

An email signature is what you add to the end of the email. You might just sign your emails with your name or offer up a cute or funny saying that you stamp at the end of each of your outgoing emails.

What does a slash mean?

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the / forward slash means or

What does a slash mean in algebra?

This is a slash: / The slash stands for division. 10/2 would be read as ten divided by two.

What does slash mean in Microsoft Excel?

The slash can be used for division like this:=A2/B2

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What does an equal sign with a slash in the middle mean in math?

The equal sign with the slash means "is not equal to".

What does a circle with a slash through it mean?

A circle with a slash through it means no or none in medical documentation.

What does forwarding emails mean?

what does forwarding email mean

What does a dash - mean before a name signature.?

Dash really means strong and independent or a hunter

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It is the / mark - it is slanted forward as you read left-to-right. A back slash is the \ mark.

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What does a slash in a mathematical equation mean?

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What does emails mean?

Electronic mail.

What does a s slash s mean on a signature line?

/s/ on a signature line means that the signature is on the original document, not on the copy that you're holding. It is a representation that the original document is properly signed, but for some reason you only have an unsigned copy of the document. An unsigned copy of a document may be used for reference only or it may be a file copy (when it is not necessary to have a signed copy of the document).

What does it mean le SLASH vel?

le / vel

What does NE abbreviation in emails mean?


What is mean by specimen signature?

Specimen signature means your signature itself . It is a copy of the original. It is used for verifying and comparing with the original

What does the face colon forward slash mean?

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