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There are quite a few things that a sound engineer can do. These sound engineers have the ability to manipulate sounds.

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How are sound engineers and audio engineers different?

A sound engineer and an audio engineer are exactly the same; their job can equally be described as either an audio engineer or a sound engineer.

Someone who records sound is called?

Who is a sound engineer

When did Robert Parker - sound engineer - die?

Robert Parker - sound engineer - died in 2004.

When was Robert Parker - sound engineer - born?

Robert Parker - sound engineer - was born in 1936.

What does sound engineer do?

works with daniel and me =]

When did Peter Sutton - sound engineer - die?

Peter Sutton - sound engineer - died on 2008-08-24.

When was Peter Sutton - sound engineer - born?

Peter Sutton - sound engineer - was born on 1943-04-23.

When was Jack Solomon - sound engineer - born?

Jack Solomon - sound engineer - was born on 1913-03-08.

When did Jack Solomon - sound engineer - die?

Jack Solomon - sound engineer - died on 2002-11-08.

When was Robert Wald - sound engineer - born?

Robert Wald - sound engineer - was born on 1948-09-05.

When was Bill Porter - sound engineer - born?

Bill Porter - sound engineer - was born on 1931-06-15.

When did Bill Porter - sound engineer - die?

Bill Porter - sound engineer - died on 2010-07-07.

When was Terry Porter - sound engineer - born?

Terry Porter - sound engineer - was born on 1954-08-11.

When was Chris Newman - sound engineer - born?

Chris Newman - sound engineer - was born on 1940-02-17.

When was Paul Massey - sound engineer - born?

Paul Massey - sound engineer - was born on 1958-02-10.

When was Chris David - sound engineer - born?

Chris David - sound engineer - was born on 1953-06-14.

When was John Pritchett - sound engineer - born?

John Pritchett - sound engineer - was born on 1947-03-29.

What kind of engineer makes sure bridges and roads are structurally sound?

civil engineer

What do you call a person who records other people singing?

Audio engineer or sound engineer

Who is Sam hocking?

freelance sound engineer

Finding Sound Engineer Jobs?

Sound engineers enjoy some of the most diverse possible career choices imaginable. Everything from the sciences to the arts is wide open for people with sound engineer training, as different fields of many professions uses some form of sound equipment. If you think you may want to start looking for sound engineer jobs, make sure to know exactly what field you're looking to get into. The reason that this is important is because different fields of work will likely require a sound engineer to have different sets of skills. What acoustics scientists are looking for in a sound engineer will likely not be the same thing that a rock band is looking for with a sound engineer. By tailoring your resume, you help yourself stand out.

What is a sound engineer?

A sound engineer works on the recording, manipulating, and mixing of audio. They are typically employed by film, radio, television, music, and computer gaming industries.

What does a sound A2 do?

Whatever the Chief engineer tells them to

Who is Robert bastin?

Robert Bastin is a sound engineer

Who is a r rahman's sound engineer?


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