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A spider web tattoo like the one i have are worn by 1% bikers to show their undying allegiance to their brothers!

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What does a spider web tattoo on the elbow symbolize?

A spider web on the elbow can, in some circles, be a gang affiliated tattoo, with rungs of the spider web correlating to kills the person has committed.

What does a spider web tattoo on the forehead symbolize?

A spider web tattoo that is placed on the forehead can symbolize a couple of things. It can symbolize that the bearer is a drug addict, or it can be a symbol of the bearer's imprisonment, with each thread of the web representing one year in prison.

What Does a spider web tattoo on the head symbolize?

...a serious lapse in judgement.

What does a spider web tattoo by the eye symbolize?

gang related mostly in east LA

What does a spiderweb tattoo symbolize?

The spider web tattoo is for those who have served time in jail. It is meant to show how time passes behind bars. A spider in the web is for having killed someone, one spider for each kill.the spider web tattoo symbolizes a constant struggle and no matter what you do or how hard you try you will end up tangled

What does spider web tattoo with 2 lightning bolts symbolize?

2 lightning botls means the SS, which were adolf hitler's soliders. a spider web could be the symbol of a gang.

What kind of tattoo to get on a person's back if they already have a tattoo of a spider and a web?

A spider

Meaning of spider web tattoo on shoulder?

A spider web tattoo can have different meanings to different people. Some examples of a spider web tattoo are, doing time in prison or being a gang member.

What does a spider web tattoo on the back of the ear symbolize?

Usually spider webs mean jail time. I've never seen one on the back of the ear, though.

What does a spider web tattoo look like?

It looks like a spider web.

How do you get a spider web tattoo on the chest?

Any reputable tattoo artist would be capable of completing a spider web tattoo. Depending on the size, it could take several sessions to complete.

Spider web tattoos what do they mean?

i have heard that a spider web tattoo means entrapment, that is why many inmates get them. the spider on the web also has a meaning, but i don't know it. their must be other meanings because i have seen the tattoo alot.

What does a spider web tattoo on the front of the shoulder mean?

The spider web tattoo on the front of the shoulder originally meant that this person had murdered another person. Now, the web can just be a decoration.

What tattoo does bow wow have on his hand?

A spider web

Where is the palm tree in a food web?

green ant > spider > palm tree

What does a spider web tattoo mean?

it means a lose of virginity

What is the meaning behind a spider web tattoo on your elbow?

This used to be a prison tattoo. Each loop of the web represents a year in prison.

What does finding a spider in the web on Christmas morning symbolize?

early marriage

What does a spider web with a black spider in the center symbolize?

A spiders web usually symbolises either drug addiction, or involvement in organised crime

What does the star with a spider web on the outside on your elbow tattoo means?


What does a spider web tattoo mean armpit?

Means your a crazy SOB!

What elbow do people get a spider web tattoo on?

right elbow but it dosent matter

What is Meaning behind a spider web tattoo on shoulder?


Is there any gangs that have black widow spider tattoos for symbols?

The Spider Web tattoo is a racist gang tattoo, started in prison by the Nazi Low Riders aka the Skinheads.

What tattoos does pauley perette have?

Her character, Abby Scuito, has a spider web tattoo on her neck and a cross on her back. The spider web on Abby's neck is fake - it's a vinyl transfer