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How hot it is.

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Q: What does a star's color tell you about that star?
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What do the color of the stars mean?

Star colors tell us how hot the star is. For example a red colored star is cool and a blue colored star is hot.

What controls the color of a star?

The color of a star depends on its surface temperature. But hot stars are blue, and medium-hot stars are white, and cool stars are red.

What is important about the color of the stars?

the color of the stars usually determines how old and how hot the star is it can also determine when the star will go supernova

What determines color of the stars?

The temperature determines the color of the star!:)

What is the color of a dying star?

Young stars are mostly blue. Young stars, at the peak of their temperature, represent the color blue because blue is the hottest color of known stars.

Are stars as hot as the sun?

it depends on the color of the starthe hottest star is color blueand the coldest star is color red

How can you tell how old a star is?

In star lives, there are no old blue stars. All blues stars are young.

How do stars get their colors?

The Color of stars depends upon their surface temperature.

What can a stars spectrum tell astronomers about a star?

What elements the star is made of.

How do you tell a black star rooster from a hen when they're chicks?

A Black Star rooster has a white dot on its head, where the females do not. Black Stars as sex-link chickens meaning you can tell their sex by their color once hatched.

How do stars get there color?

stars get there color by people going into space and them coloring them with piant. thats how stars grt there color

Color of binary star?

A binary star is not any particular color. A binary star system can contain stars of any spectral type.