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You cannot drive in this lane.

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Q: What does a steady red cross on a traffic light mean?
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What does a steady green light shining from the Air Traffic Control Tower mean?

If the aircraft is in flight, a steady green light signal from the control tower means cleared to land. If the aircraft is on the ground, it means cleared for takeoff. If the light is aimed at ground vehicles or foot traffic, steady green means cleared to cross the runway, or proceed.

What does a steady yellow light mean?

On traffic lights it means slow down.

What does a red or amber traffic light mean?

A red light - steady or flashing - means STOP. A steady amber light means Caution - signal about to change. A flashing amber light means SLOW DOWN.

What does a traffic signal displaying a steady circular yellow light mean?

A traffic signal displaying a steady circular yellow light means that you should use caution when going through the intersection. You have the right away, but watch for other cars.

What does a traffic light with a steady red light mean?

After stopping, you may turn right, unless prohibited by some other sign or signal.

What is the white lights blinking across the red light mean?

They're an additional feature to focus your attention towards the traffic light. The human eye is quicker to catch a flashing light than a steady light.

What does a steady green light mean on the runway mean?

clear for landing or takeoff.

What does a steady red light mean on the runway mean?

stop or give way.

What is a yellow blinking light at an intersection mean?

Yield. It usually means the cross-traffic has a blinking red light (stop sign). slow down because someone may pull out

What does a blue traffic light mean?

Nothing. there is no blue light.

What doses a red traffic light mean What does a flashing red traffic light mean?

Red=stop red flashing= light is broken, use your judgement in crossing.

What does semaforo mean?

semáforo: traffic light