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What does a sun burned penguin do?

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He puts on Aloe..

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What is black and white an red all over?

news paper or a sun burned zebra...

Can pigs get sun burned?


How far away do you have to be to not get burned by the sun?

I'll say about 100 feet away. Or more then 100 to get away from the sun to not get burned.

Has anyone been burned by the sun?

Thousands of people have been burned by the Sun. Some have died. This is why we are advised to wear suncream and wear protective clothing when out in the Sun

Why the moon is lonely?

cause the sun had gotten sun burned

What do you burn in the Club Penguin misson?

i allready burned the book what now

Does getting sun burned give you wrinkles?


Why didn't the astronaut get burned when he visited the sun?

An astronaut never landed on the sun

What are the dangers in attempting to observe the sun?

if you go near the sun, you will burned. but if you go to look of the sun your will be blind.

What happen to the people who went on an airplane to the sun?

we will be burned

How can you land on the sun without getting burned?

You can't.

How does wearing sun glasses help us in the sun?

it protect us from sun. it helps us to not get a sun in our face so it can not get burned

What happens to skin from overexposure to the sun?

you get sun-burned, Or you may get skin cancer. No Think scientific

Can the sun be burned?

No, it is shining (like a light bulb) but not burning (like a fire), there are no flames on the Sun.

How do you you get hoho?

it is a penguin on club p and his password UFOYou can get it in Ecratic in the tower that's noy burned

How many syllables does sunburned have?

There are two syllables. Sun-burned.

What planet has no atmosphere because it was burned off by the sun?

Mercury has no atmosphere due to its small size and due to the fact it is close to the sun, which has effectively 'burned' off any atmosphere that it may have had.

How do you get white sun glasses in club penguin?

They come out in Penguin Style in July so if you want them you better have a membership! (:

Has there been any probes sent to the sun?

yep, it burned up

What Is The Purpose Of Hair On Dogs?

To keep them from getting chilly and sun burned.

Who was the son of daedaluas.His wings burned when he flew to close to the sun?


Can you get sun burned in Death Valley?

Its over 100 degrees of course you can

Who was burned at the stake for claiming the earth revolves around the sun?


Do all giraffes have black tongues?

yes they do. Giraffes have black tongues so they don't get sun burned in the sun.

What family does a penguin live in?

Penguins are Cold Mammals but some are use to the sun so they are Sun Mammals