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The hairs on the abdomen can act as a self defence mechanism. When threatened, they will rub there legs on the abdominal, sending hairs into the air, which can blind and suffocate.

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Q: What does a tarantula use its abdomen for?
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How does a tarantula breathe?

With introverted branchial appendages of the abdomen called book lungs.

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An insect has thre parts - head, thorax and abdomen. An arachnid just has two - cephalothorax and abdomen.

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A chilean rose is a Tarantula from Chile (south America) it is 4-5 inches fully grown and is a good begginer tarantula, it has week venom but had urticating hairs on the abdomen but will use them very rarely. It is a good begginer becauses it has such a hardy nature and will tolerate a good lot of pestering ( i not advising u do it though)

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that's a very very x9very rare related spider to the tarantula

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Assuming you're talking about the two finger-like objects on the spider's abdomen - they're the spinnerets . The spinnerets are where the spider produces the silk from for web-spinning.

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