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Having a barcode tattoo on the neck means that you are a product of the society. Being a product of the society does in turn mean that today's society has formed you as a person and made you to what you are today.

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One meaning could be that you are just another item in this world.

Suzanne Weyn is the author of The Bar Code Tattoo.

The ISBN of The Bar Code Tattoo is 978-0439395625.

The Bar Code Tattoo has 256 pages.

The Bar Code Tattoo was created on 2004-09-01.

Its when you literally get an actual bar code tattooed on yourself. its a pretty cool and unique design as opposed to common tattoos such as crosses and script writing.

In the book "The Bar Code Tattoo," Kayla Reed's hair is brown with thick blue streaks throughout it. She is considered to be somewhat of a rebel because she refused to get the required tattoo.

Perhaps it is from the I-Ching. The I-Ching is an ancient oracle.

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One may obtain a barcode tattoo at most reputable tattoo artist studios. Prior to obtaining your tattoo you should look at examples of your tattooists other work so that you can be assured that they are capable of undertaking your tattoo.

yes, you can, though you would have to find a copy somewhere off the internet and have a copy for the tattoo artist to use on you.

In the game agent 47 is genetically engineered from the DNA of the worlds most dangerous criminals and the bar-code tattoo is the model of clone he is. In the movie version they where numbered instead of being cloned

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i don't know exactly what it means but i believe its some kind of symbol when the government is going to start the new world order and shes is in the Illuminati so she is going to participate in that with the bar codes and micro chips in skin and stuff

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