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It can mean different things to different people. I have a friend whose last name is Spaid and he got the ace of spades tattooed on his back. People get tattoos for different reasons for different meanings. ** Here's a more specific answer. The Ace of Spades is traditionally symbolic of two things, which themselves are often linked. Those two things are Metamorphosis and Death. To flip over the Ace of Spades in any kind of card reading is to get a warning of impending death - whether it be your own or someone linked to you. However - it doesn't always have to be a literal death - it could be a death of a certain self, or a phase of life, thus opening to path to a new existence or new identity. People who sport the Ace of Spades are, whether they know it or not, announcing that they welcome death as a means to a better existence, or simply, that they are not afraid of death and the changes it will bring. This is why the Ace of Spades is popular with soldiers. **

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Q: What does a tattoo of the ace of spades mean?
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What does the ace of spades with wing biker tattoo mean?

The ace of spades means that the person with the tattoo(or more commonly patch on their leathers) will fight to the death in defence of their club. A friendly word of warning... Believe it when you see it.

What does ace of spades mean in the psychic world?

The Ace of Spades is the "Death Card", in the psychic world.

Ace of spades tattoo symbolize?

It shows a white woman's preference for black men.

What band plays Ace of Spades?

Motorhead plays "Ace of Spades"

What is the duration of The Ace of Spades?

The duration of The Ace of Spades is 1.1 hours.

When was The Ace of Spades created?

The Ace of Spades was created in 1935-02.

Number of spades on a ace of spades?

There are three spades on the standard ace of spades. One in each corner and a large one in the middle.

Is there a sexual meaning to Ace of Spades?

"Ace" is the social term for an asexual (as I am). Being the ace of spades may or may not mean anything other than a preference of suits in the cards. I have an "Ace of Spades" t shirt for representing my asexuality and it doesn't mean I'm superior to other aces, just a phrase

How many spades on a ace of spades card?


Does the ace of hearts beat the ace of spades in Texas?

No. The ace of spades is the highest ranked card in Texas hold 'em.

What is ace of spray?

There is no ace of spray. However, there is an ace of spades. Spades is one of the black suits in a deck of playing cards.

How many spades appear on the ace of spades in a atandard deck of cards?

Three spades appear on the ace in a standard deck of cards.

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