What does a teacher use spreedsheets for?

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keeping track of grades
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Can you use windows spreedsheets on an apple?

yes, you can. you have 2 options: -buy a mac version of office, or download a 30 day trial -download a free alternative, such as NeoOffice (neooffice.org), which is openo

What is a spreedsheet?

a spreed sheet allows you to display information clearly and quickly. it allows you to solve problems and can help you with businesses

Why would a scientist use a spreedsheet?

1.so thay can keep the amount numbers of children in the class . 2. so thay can keep there files and marks in the folder thay save it to. 3.thay will beable to be organinzed

What is spreedsheets?

it is a grid filled in with information, more commonly they are used to keep track of finances

What is the name of the page on the spreedsheet?

If you mean what is the name of the worksheet in an Excel workbook, it is the name on the tab at the bottom of the screen. To change the name, right-click on the tab and selec

Do Iceland use spreedsheets?

Yes, of course. Iceland has a modern economy, like any Western European country.

What is a group of excel spreedsheet?

This is called a book - each individual spreadsheet within the book is a sheet. You can move between the sheets within the book by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the cu

Who might use a spreedsheet?

Anyone working with large quantities of data. This can be a small business using a spreadsheet to keep track of income and expenditure - to a multi-national corporation using
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What is a spreedsheet column?

Vertical range of cells belonging to a table of information ordata.
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What is a summury section of the spreedsheet?

The summary section of an Excel spreadsheet is typically located on the first tab of the entire worksheet. This summary will usually display all tabs available and allow one t
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What is a row or column on a spreedsheet?

A row is a horizontal arrangement of cells. Rows are identified bynumbers. A column is a vertical line of cells. Columns areidentified by letters.
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