What does a timeline feature do in a facebook user?

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it provides like a time line of your life. it can show milestones that you may have achieved, friends you have added over the years etc
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What is Facebook timeline?

According to the name "timeline" it means that your's activites on facebook with the passage of time. you can show yours activites by time to time. it will also show your pict

How do you get Facebook timeline?

All you have to do is go to someone that has a timeline and on the top right corner you will see a green button that says "get a timeline" .

Timeline on Facebook?

it changes the order of information to the one person in facebook hhee

Is Facebook timeline free?

Yes it is, but if your going to upload your Facebook to Facebook Timeline, don't! Once you do, you can't get the old layout back. It's really horrible to be honest and quiet e

How do you you get timeline on Facebook?

Go to one of your friends facebook profiles that has timeline and there at the top there should be a button that say learn more and you click it and then you read about it and

How do you get the timeline on Facebook?

no.1 log on to facebook no.2 search (introducing timeline) or (timeline) no.3 click (get timeline) no.4 get a cover picture no.5 Click publish now

How do you get timeline off your Facebook page?

Here are opinions from some WikiAnswer users: . Deactivate your current account and register to the new one. . To delete the new timeline profile off of your Facebook y
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What is better Facebook or Facebook timeline?

It depends on what you like more. If you like your facebook the way it is now, don't change it. If you want a cover photo and a timeline with every post in two rows, then get
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How you get a timeline on Facebook?

wherever it says take a tour click on it and at the end it makes you get timeline (everyones going to have to get it on the 30th anyway)