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An Travel Agent looks up tickets and finds date which are best for you to go on.

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Q: What does a travel agent do on a day to day basis?
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What skills do you need for travel agent?

working as a Travel agent in the travel and tourism industry, you will be expected to communicate with customer on a daily basis. Working in pairs, discuss, the different types of communcation usedin a travel agency. List your finding

What is the difference between travel agent and travel agent?

Nothing because a travel agent and a travel agent are the same thing.

How can a man without a passport travel to 30 countries in one day?

he is a travel agent on the internet

Keep a Travel Agent in your Corner?

In this day and age of the internet, the travel agent is seemingly obsolete to many. However, if you run into trouble on your trip, it can be quite advantageous to have a travel agent in your corner. The agent can fix things from the home office in a quick and efficient manner, so you can relax and enjoy.

Where can I get a travel agent license?

Likewise, you do not have to be certified as a travel agent to become a home-based travel agent. Now there are several travel agent certification programs out there, most notably those operated by The Travel Institute, but that is something else entirely. Seeking travel agent certification and becoming a certified travel agent is a matter of professional pride, not a must-have to become a travel agent.

What are the requirements for getting a travel agents license?

It is not mandatory for travel agent to have a license but you will benefit with some experience in travel industry and if you enroll in a travel agent classes. For more information about this subject visit

What are the types of travel agent and their responsibilities?

Travel agent: NO ANSWER Responsibilities: Similar to a journalist

How do you become travel agent?

how do work travel agent and how become a contects to abroad

An example of a miniple travel agent?

An example of a miniple travel agent would be the likes of Premier Travel.

What is the difference between a cruise travel agent and a regular travel agent?

The difference between a cruise-specialist travel agent and a regular travel agent is that a cruise specialist will focus on cruising holidays. A regular travel agent will be able to source all different types of holidays and packages.

How travel agent help people to travel?

Through travel agent when you are travelling they can full guide your travel. Travel agent who arrange the whole travel and give the best guide to the visitor. Which is alway within your budget. You can only pay them money.

What is the difference between a travel company and a travel agent?

A travel agent is a private retailer that provides travel related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as hotels, flights, car hire or package holidays (tour operators). A travel agency's main function is to act as an agent selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier.

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