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Vacuoles in animal cells store food, water and minerals like plant cells. The only difference is that plant cells have larger vacuoles than animal cells which helps to keep the cell stiff. They are considered to be the trash bins or waste baskets for the animal cell.

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Does an animal cell has vacuole?

Yes. There is a vacuole in an animal cell.

Is vacuole in an animal cell?

no a vacuole is not in an animal cellit is only in plant cells.

Is a vacuole a animal cell?

No. A vacuole is a structure within a cell.

What cell has a vacuole?

The plant cell has a vacuole.

How are plant vacuoles from animal vacuoles?

Plant cell vacuole is larger then animal cell vacuole

What organelle does both plant and animal cell have?

they both have a vacuole. The plant cell has bigger vacuole than the animal cell. The animal cell has more than one vacuole, but they are really small

Where in the cell is the vacuole?

Vacuole is located within the cell. It is found in plant cell but little or no vacuole is found in animal cell

Does a animal cell have a large vacuole?

Animal cells have no vacuole. Plant cells have a large vacuole.

What does an animal cell not have that a plant cell has?

A cell wall, chloroplasts and a vacuole. Actually, the animal cell has a vacuole it's just smaller.

Does a cheek cell have a vacuole?

Yes, the cheek cell does have a vacuole, because it is an animal cell.

What does the vacuole do in the animal cell?

The vacuole stores water, food, and other materials in the Plant/Animal cell.

Is a large vacuole a plant cell or a animal cell?

Plant cell has a large vacuole and an animal cell has many small ones or none

Is the central vacuole a plant or animal cell?

The central vacuole is in the plant cell.

Does animal cell have central vacuole?

No, only plant cell have central vacuole.

Is the vacuole found within a plant cell or animal cell?

The vacuole is found within a plant cell and animal cell. The plant cells have a large, central vacuole while animal cells have small, multiple vacuoles.

What has a larger vacuole animal cells or plant cells?

A plant cell has a larger vacuole than an animal cell.

What does the vacuole do to the animal cell?

The vacuole stores waste and water in animal and plant cells both. However, a plant cell has one big vacuole, while an animal cell has a couple of smaller vacuoles.

Is a vacuole a animal or a plant cell?

The vacuole is in both cells.

Is a Vacuole Animal or Plant?

A Vacuole is found in a Plant cell

Is the vacuole found in the animal cell?

The vacuole is found in both plant and animal cells.

What is the function of a vacuole in a plant cell?

The vacuole in a plant cell is the same as in an animal cell, it is used as storage.

What is the physical difference between vacuoles in a plant cell and vacuoles in an animal cell?

The vacuole of a plant cell is typically larger than the vacuole of an animal cell.

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