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A vague recollection is when a person's memory of something is not clear or detailed. It suggests a feeling of uncertainty or haziness about a past event or piece of information.

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Q: What does a vague recollection mean?
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How do you spell vage?

The word is spelled vague. Example: The defense attorney stated the witness's description of her attacker was "too vague". Sally had only a vague recollection of the party after drinking too much.

What is a recollection mean?

of Recollect

Does eyesight mean almost the same as recollection?

No. Eyesight is a function of the eyes and recollection is a function of the brain.

What does recollaction mean?

Recollection is the action of remembering something. Ex: To the best of my recollection, he never said a word in class.

Word that means the same as recollection?

These words also mean recollection: memory, recall, reminiscence, memoir, retrospection.

What does hebulous mean?

Probably a typo. Nebulous. 1. hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused: a nebulous recollection of the meeting; a nebulous distinction between pride and conceit. 2. cloudy or cloudlike. 3. of or resembling a nebula or nebulae; nebular.

What does socrates mean by recollection?

Socrates believed that knowledge is innate and that we remember it through the process of recollection, triggered by our experiences in the physical world. Recollection involves the soul's remembering of eternal truths it knew before birth, as discussed in Plato's dialogues.

What does litterly mean?

when you say for example "this is litterly vague" then you mean "this (in the very meaning of the word) is vague

What is a sentence with Recollection?

After regaining sight, I had no recollection of what happened.

What does reminous mean?

Indulge in rejoyable recollection of past events

What does avec mon meilleur souvenir mean in English?

'With my best recollection / memories'

What is recollection in Tagalog?

"Recollection" in Tagalog is "pagbabalik-tanaw" or "pagninilay-nilay."