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it sees if you have got a virus on your PC and if it is something like norton you can delete it but do not get the virus checker called spysherrif, it is a Trojan!


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A virus checker will scan a computer to check whether it has been infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware. The benefit of having a virus checker is to keep one's computer from crashing and protect confidential files.

It scans your computer for viruses

Google virus checker or free virus checker and download the required software. It will then do its own thing to keep your computer clean and free of viruses.

You can use a virus checker such as ClamXav (See links below) to check f there is a virus in a MacBook but as there are no viruses currently threatening Mac OS X the answer will be "No.".

I install aVast Anti-virus & I install FireFox & adobe Flash & reader then I check for windows updates.

Some essentials include a good firewall, virus checker, spyware checker, Mozilla Fox, and the Google toolbar just to name a few.

It depends on whether it's a new virus or an older one. If it was active before the program stopped updating the virus checker will still find it assuming the program is still active.

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You computer will be at less risk from computer viruses if you run a virus checker/antivirus software..

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You got a virus. And it is deleting important files on your computer. Be careful your computer may crash. Run your virus checker if you don't have one go to and download AVG anti - virus remover it's free and it work great.

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A type of antivirus program that searches a system for virus signatures that have attached to executable programs and applications such as e-mail clients. A virus scanner can either search all executables when a system is booted or scan a file only when a change is made to the file as viruses will change the data in a file.

ClamXav (See links below) is a free virus checker but as there are no viruses attacking Mac OS X it does not have much to check.

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