What does a water hyacinth look like?

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Water Hyacinth is a floating water plant, green to slightly grey-green leaves. Flowers are pale shades of blue. Plants are used in may parts of the world for making rope and furniture. The plants are extremely invasive and is is one of the worst "weeds" in the world, invading and clogging waterways.
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What does water in gas look like?

It will have a milky appearance. If you put it in a clear container and let it sit the water will settle on the bottom.

What does a water pump look like?

This question refers to the pump used to circulate coolant in watercooled engines. In passenger cars and trucks water pumps aretypically mechanical (engine driven), but some have electricmotors. The water pump is characteristic by having two coolantlines and a pulley that drives its impeller.

What does a water buffalo look like?


What does the water cycle look like?

You cant really see the water cycle in some parts of it such as the evaporation and the water in clouds but you can see some bits such as the rain and the water draining back into the sea

Is water hyacinth appropriate for making alcohol?

water hyacinth is a feasible source for alcohol production. ethanol yield of water hyacinth is 0.296/kg dry mass. bioethanol production using water hyacinth is already cited in the references. nigam 2002 nigam 2001 and nigam 2000.

Who is hyacinths?

hyacinths is kind,as in mabait, minxan maingay kac lhat close as in close together napagsasabhan pero happy kac kulit nila tropa f5 cla richel,ronan,jp,bernard,n paulo hehheheeheh may knya knya mundo pero pagdating sa kakulitan lhat magkasundo gnyn ang hyacinths wlng awy at wlng gulo sa mundo namin ( Full Answer )

What is a hyacinth?

A hyacinth flower is a flower that grows from a bulb and blooms in the spring. They can be a variety of colors. They flower is made up of many tiny flowers that grow on a stalk in a cylinder.

How do you reduce the number of water hyacinth?

I've been clearing acres of water hyacinth from a forty acre lake in central Florida for 15 years. Recently I extended a 5' landscape by 6'. It attaches to the standard three point hitch on my tractor. For a few hours I use it to pull the hyacinth up the bank.

What does water vapor look like?

Water Vapor is invisible only scientist may figure that out. If you have a science or something just say: Water Vapor is invisible you don't really know how it looks.

What does a particle of water look like?

he study focused on deposits formed under two conditions of two extremes of fluid flow; quiescent settling and deposition from turbulent flow. This work was to answer specific questions including: "What does the interface look like?"; "What are the transport mechanisms that determine rate of deposit ( Full Answer )

How do you make water hyacinth furniture?

Water Hyacinth furniture is made from the braids prepared from the dry stems of the plant. Since the braids do not have the strength, the structure of the furniture is made from Rattan, Wood, Bamboo or Iron. Once the frame is designed and prepared the water hyacinth braids are woven on the frame. We ( Full Answer )

What kind of special does the Water Hyacinth herb have?

The Water Hyacinth has special adaptations to allow it to grow and spread rapidly in freshwater. They can withstand extremes of nutrient supply, pH level, temperature, and even grow in toxic water. It is also the only large aquatic herb that can float on the water unattached to the bottom. They grow ( Full Answer )

How does water hyacinth float?

The water hyacinth have swollen leaf stalks which has air spacesthat allow it to float on water.

What does water lily look like?

its a pretty flower that floats,and the lilly pads stay in place with the steam atached to the dirt.

What does a water melon look like?

big, round, fat and f****n green and bloody red on the inside for f*** sake!!!!!!!!!. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does water moccasin look like?

Its a snake that's about 3 feet long that is ussually brown and has a splotchy kind of parallel marking on its sides

How does a water molecule looks like?

The shape is often depicted as resmbling a Mickey Mouse head, withtwo hydrgen atoms bonded at an angle to an oxygen atom.

What do water spiders look like?

Water spiders have fairly large bodies and long, very thin legs.This is because they need to be light and agile to skate across thewater without sinking in.

How does a water molecule look like?

A water molecule is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The hydrogen atoms are smaller than the oxygen atom. They are bonded together by covalent bonds in a 'bent' shape (like a shallow 'v') with the oxygen in the middle, at the point. The 'v' shape is because the oxygen atom has two pai ( Full Answer )

How water vapor looks like?

Well you see when you leave a cup of water outside for a long period of time that same water is evaporating witch is water vapor right so water vapor doesn't look like nothing its like air. (Here's is a little experiment take cup with a little bit of water and a fully charged camera .Put the cup on ( Full Answer )

How does water hyacinth float on water?

An aquatic plant bubbles because it releases oxygen bubbles. Theoxygen bubbles float to the surface of the water and get releasedin to the air.

What is the difference between a water hyacinth and a water lily?

Their appearances are different and they belong to differentspecies of plants. Water hyacinth belongs to a family calledPontederiaceae while water lily belongs to a family calledNymphaceae. Water lilies are not considered invasive but waterhyacinth are.

What does a water bird look like?

There are many different water birds with different appearances. Some have webbed feet which may be further back on the body than for land birds. This makes swimming easier but may make walking on land more difficult.

How can water hyacinth float on water?

An aquatic plant bubbles because it releases oxygen bubbles. The oxygen bubbles float to the surface of the water and get released in to the air. Thats why it floats..

Diffrerences between the water hyacinth to a sunflower?

The water hyacinth's roots are in water, while the sunflower's roots are in soil. The Water hyacinth's leaf stalks are swollen and contains air, while the sun flower's leaf stalks are different in shape

Why does there look like there is water on the road when its hot out?

Because its probably a mirage. A mirage is an image of a distant object caused by refraction of light. The puddles on the road are light rays from the sky that are refracted to your eyes. Lets say there is a white car behind you and you notice shiny white areas behind the car. The air just ( Full Answer )

Is water hyacinth a submerged plant?

No. Its roots are in water but the stems are filled with air so they are round and float on water. Hope this can help you as it is not very specific. >.<

Why does a mirage look like water?

in a heat wave your brain recoqnizes that its a "wave" of heat and then (because its dehydrated usually) imagines the image in a wave like form

What dose water look like?

Water Vapor is is invisible because the water is evaporating that's why water vapor is invisible.

Does water hyacinth have waxy leaves?

YES! The waxy coat of the water hyacinth leaves is waterproof andcovers a spongy parenchyma tissue. Together with its swollen stem,which is filled with more spongy parenchyma tissue, it makes theplant float.

Why water hyacinth is called terror of Bengal?

Eichorrnia or water hyacinth is called the terror of Bengal. It iscalled so because it grows rapidly in the rivers and lakes and takeup the dissolved oxygen present in the rivers making the aquaticliving organisms starve! They eventually cause death of the riverand accelerate the ageing of the same, ( Full Answer )

How much do water hyacinth cost?

First, make sure that they are legal in your area. They are not in some states because they are considered invasive species. If they are, they should be fairly inexpensive as they grow rapidly.

How can water hyacinth float on water name the tissue and its type?

The leaves of water hyacinth are long and leathery and have waxcoating surrounding them. They are made up of long spongyparenchyma tissues that have several air pockets. The air pocketshelp the leaves to stand erect and float on the surface ofwater. . Arsha 9th

Where can one find information about water hyacinth?

One can find information about water hyacinths online through sites like wikipedia, or at any center for aquatic and invasive plants. These plants produce over a thousand seeds per year

What is water hyacinth?

A water hyacinth is a pretty invasive floating pond plant, withcurly green foliage, bulbous heads which make the plant float andalso from which the leaves spurt out of, and has furry roots. Inone growing season, 25 individuals may multiply to up to 2 millionmore individual plants!

What does distilled water look like?

A cler liquid with no odor, color or taste. It is water that hashad all impurities and minerals removed by being distilled (turnedto steam, and the steam condensed back to water)