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White tigers do not have an ancient history in folklore and myth as the familiar orange / black tigers have. So dreams about white tigers are more likely to have meanings specific to the individual dreamer. Beginning with the tiger itself, the dream would be depicting something wild and dangerous. Then combine that with a white tiger, which is more rare and exotic than other tigers, a creature of zoos and theaters, and the dream takes on an extra aura of fantasy. Depending on the context of the dream, the white tiger might represent something that would be dangerous in its natural state, but has been romanticized or sentimentalized. Something in the dreamer's life is truly dangerous, but has taken on a superficial appearance of being tame and cute.


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The tiger sybolizes whatever the person thinks of a tiger (such as something fearsome, a hunter, something wise, etc.)

To me, it symbolizes that I am the master of all that I may see.

The tiger symbolizes power, courage and strength. A white tiger has a spiritual meaning attached to it, a power that is bestowed from above.

The white tiger tattoo to me symbolizes strength and inner beauty. Not only that but it is a beautiful site.

The Tiger lily means "I dare you to love me"

The chase dream refers to your attempts to avoid your problems in real life. Depending on the events and emotions of the dream, the tiger could symbolize the problem (whatever you are trying to avoid) or it might represent the solution, hero, or rescue you hope will appear without your ever needing to confront the problem.

No one expects a tiger to come up on the hook when fishing. Even when hunting for tigers, one does not expect to encounter a white tiger. So this dream suggests that you have encountered (or are about to encounter) something completely unexpected, and potentially dangerous. The beauty and exotic attraction of the situation does not lessen the danger.

A white ribbon has no particular significance of its own. It might symbolize a third place price in a dream of competition. Another possibility might be the association of white ribbons with brides or with infant baptism. But without more information about the entire dream, only the most general guesses can be offered.

when they take a little tiger snooze.

white tiger = weißer Tiger

white or the white tiger can be orange.

They aren't different the White Bengal Tiger is just white and the Bengal Tiger is orange.

It symbolize beauty but useless.

A white tiger is a teritory consumer so no animal eats white tiger.

What do white tiger ears... what?

This dream's meaning depends on the emotions you experienced during the dream. The moth might symbolize mysterious and transformative beauty, and attraction to everything that "light" represents. But it might just as easily symbolize hidden wasting and decay, and a tendency toward self-destruction.

'The White Tiger' was written by Aravind Adiga and 'White tiger' was written by Rohini Chowdurry.

The dream of being chased reflects some problem or issue that you are trying to avoid in real life. It is a literal picture of your "running away from the problem." The white tiger represents something or someone you hope will solve this problem for you, perhaps an imaginary hero.

Well it is possible but usually they don't have it

a white tiger is white with black stripes

No. The white tiger is merely a gentic flaw of the Bengal tiger.

the white tiger is in the animal kingdom

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