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it means when you accept an offer or something!

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Q: What does accepting mean in drama?
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What does the word accepting mean in drama?

The term accepting in drama usually comes into context when talking about spontaneous improvisation. It means accepting what the other actor is saying and responding accordingly. e.g. A) Do you want to come shopping? B) Yes i would love to!

What does accepting mean in drama terms?

•Accepting is when in a improvisation some one says something to move the improvisation on and you go with it and go along with there story. Opposite of blocking.

What does it mean to approve by accepting?

Approve by accepting mean ratify. Have a great day !

What does empathedic mean?


What does corporate role mean in drama?


What does in-denial mean?

i think it means to not be accepting of the truth

What does OA mean?

open and accepting

What does song mean in drama?

i think that song means in drama is like a pattern in drama.

What does pace in drama mean?

pace in drama means tempo

What does the word drama mean?

# A prose or verse composition, especially one telling a serious story, that is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action. ## A serious narrative work or program for television, radio, or the cinema. # Theatrical plays of a particular kind or period: Elizabethan drama. # The art or practice of writing or producing dramatic works. # A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play: the drama of the prisoner's escape and recapture. # The quality or condition of being dramatic: a summit meeting full of drama.Source:

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