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i think it means to not be accepting of the truth

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What does in-denial mean

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Β it means to not be accepting of the truth

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Q: What does in-denial mean?
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How do you know that Vanessa Hudgens is a lesbian?

Shes going out with Zac Efron, but could be indenial.

What do you think the doctor told the judge before the hearing?

The doctor told the judge that Pony was indenial about everything

What if you are indenial about a guy?

U kind of hav 2 hint at it. U also hav 2 find out if he likes u. If so make it a little moor obvious and then flirt and then ask him out

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Ahahaha, make conversation tell her she looks nice today we love complements, just talk to her be yourself we love sweet nice funnny guys. Some girls will hide that they like you && have a high pitched voice indenial. Talk to her do her favors make her laugh && smile look for signs of affection. ~skye <3 goood luckkk,

Is it possible for a guy to be gay and not admit it?

yes this is called indenial that is where someone doesnt admitt something so if a guy is gay but thinks he doesnt want to be then he might f=go and sleep with girls all his life to try and turn himself straight but it wont work if your gay your gay and theres nothing wrong with being gay i wouldn't mind if i was a lesbian i would admitt it though im not x x

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you mean what you mean

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Is an arithmetic mean a weighted mean or a weighted mean an arithmetic mean?

The arithmetic mean is a weighted mean where each observation is given the same weight.

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