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"Acerca de mi (familia)" means "About my (family)" in English.

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Q: What does acerca de mi mean in spanish?
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What does acerca de mi mean in English?

About my...Para mí debería de ser: ACERCA DE MÍ, pero ACERCA DE MI (familia), con esto último espero que se me dé más información.

How do you say in spanish I am writing to you to let you know more about my area?

You could say "Estoy escribiendo para hacerte saber más acerca de mi área."

How do you say you birthday is coming up in spanish?

Se acerca mi/tu cumpleanos (with a tilde, the little wave, on the final 'n') (mi/tu = my/your)

What does De nada mi amor mean?

De nada is the Spanish phrase that means 'Your welcome' and mi amor is Spanish for 'my love'.Your welcome, my love.

Say I'm going to tell you about my trip in Spanish?

Voy a decirte/le todo sobre mi (Boy ah dayTHEERtay TAWdaw SAWbray mee) ('TH' as in 'thin')

What does no se olvida de mi mean in spanish?

don't forget about me

What does de mi esta aburrida mean in spanish?

It means 'she is bored'

What does de mi mean in spanish?

It literally means "of/from my".Example: Saco dinero de mi bolsillo. = I take money out of my pocket.

What does Tu habla de mi mean?

it means "you talk/are talking about me?" in Spanish

What does Echos De mi mean in Spanish?

It means "Echos From my", it is an uncompleted sentence.

What de mi alma latina mean?

That's Spanish for "my soul and heart".

How do you say my birthday is on the 12th of may in Spanish?

Mi cumpleanos es en mayo accent over the "n" in "cumpleanos"