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A rough translation could be: Ahh. Is that so. . .

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Q: What does ahh soo mean in Japanese?
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What does fruit mean in Japanese?

Furutsu (Foo-rut-soo)

How do you say recommend in Japanese?

When you recommend something you "susumeru" (pronounced: soo-soo-meh-roo) it.

How do you say 'love' in japanesse?

Sukidayo ^^^ that means i like you. Love is pronounced as Ahh-E Say ahh and say "E" like the letter.

What does 'souieba' mean in Japanese?

It means "come to think of it," or "which reminds me..."

What does sah ahh mean?

Open your mouth

What is the Japanese word for sport?

The Japanese word for "sport" is supootsu, pronounced "soo-poh-tissoo".

What does the word 'boss' translated in Japanese?

Bosu (Bow-soo)

How do you say slip in Japanese?

"Slip" is すべる (suberu) "soo-beh-roo" in Japanese.

How do you say smooth in Japanese?

There are many ways to say 'Gentle in Japanese, depending on the context. But in most cases. 優しい yasashii, will be used. Yasashii can also mean Kind, or Kindness.Ex: Sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa niTurning Sadness into Kindness.

How do you say dax in japanese?

Its spelt "Dakkusu" and pronounced "Dahk-soo"

What does t mean say ahh in say ahh by trey songz?

It is about partying, drinking & finding a girl 2 go home with

What is Japanese word for sand?

The Japanese word for 'sand' is 'suna'. Pronounced 'soo-nuh'. =PPPPP Hope it helps!