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acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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If your crap comes out black does that mean you have aids?

No it does not mean you have AIDS.

What the diagnosis for aids?

The diagnosis for AIDS is AIDS. Do you mean symptoms?

What was the name of AIDS pathogen?

HIV is the name of AIDS pathogen.

What does AIDS does not discriminate mean?

anyone who has intercourse can get aids any sexual activities you can get aids

Can horses get sexaul aids?

Do you mean AIDS like what humans can get or aids like injection of hormones to help with reproductive activities? If you mean the first, no. If you mean the latter, yes.

Is there a name for a fear of band-aids?


Does HIV-positive mean you have AIDS?

Being HIV-positive does not mean that you have AIDS since AIDS is only but the end result of HIV.

Can a girl give a guy aids?

What do you mean by "Guy aids"?

What is the name given to the AIDS virus HIV?

the name given to the AIDS virus is HIV.

How many types of AIDS is there?

You got the HIV Aids the Magic Johnson Aids, the Eazy-E Aids, Rite Aids, Hearing Aids, Visual Aids, Presidential Aids just to name a few kinds of Aids.

Why are HIV AIDS so important?

Aids ruin your immune sytem and kill you, HIV is the beginning of aids, but doesnt mean you have AIDS

What does AIDS mean?

AIDS means acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

What is full name of AIDS?

AIDS- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

What is the scientific name for HIV-aids?

human immunedeficiency virus

What is the name of the virus that causes AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

What does PVC packaging mean?

It means where theirs Aids in a box and somebody opens it and get Aids.

What is the meaning of AIDS in Bahasa Melayu?

la...sama je lah AIDS dlm bahasa inggeris..(same like in english.. i mean, AIDS is AIDS right?!)

If you had a kidney infection does that mean you have AIDS?

No, it does not.

What does beadoleoma mean?

it means you have aids. :)

If you have gonorrhea does it mean you have aids?

No; if you have gonorrhea it does not mean you have AIDS (or HIV). Having gonorrhea, though, makes you more susceptible to contract the HIV.

Who are Filipino victims of AIDS?

who are the victims of aids? and please name about it.. even if its only ONE name that youll gonna give it..

If you have aids you have HIV?

Yes. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Just because someone is HIV+ doesnt mean they have developed AIDS. However, if someone has an AIDS diagnosis, they are HIV+.

How much does government spent on aids a year?

depending on what u mean by aids it could be millions

What is the full name of AIDS?


What is another name for Adewusi?


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