What does airsoft guns mean?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Airsoft guns are imitation guns that shoot anywhere from 6-11 mm plastic ball projectiles that are propelled forward by compressed air by the means of manual cocking of a spring, electric revolution of gears that pull back the spring, or compressed Gas. These airsoft guns can shoot anywhere from 200-600 FPS (feet per second) they are used for war reenactment similar to paintball. although game rules can vary, but usually just pertain to two teams shooting enemies and figuring out strategies. Airsoft guns Look extremely realistic and are modeled after real guns. The US requirement is that 1/4 of an inch of the flash hider (tip) must be a blazing orange. airsoft gas pistols and rifles most of the time function very similar to their real firearm models.

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Q: What does airsoft guns mean?
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Who is WE airsoft?

And airsoft company that makes videos and sells guns.

Are airsoft guns the same as bb guns?

No. Airsoft is a type of sport like paintball so airsoft guns you can shoot people. but please shoot responsibly.

Are airsoft guns legal in Mentor Ohio?

yes airsoft guns are legal in OHIO

Where are there airsoft guns in Massachusetts?

there is a great selection of airsoft guns at for good prices

When was airsoft guns invented?

Airsoft guns and airsoft itself were invented in the early 1970s by japan since it was hard to obtain real firearms which is what led to airsoft.

Which websites have airsoft guns?

airsoft megastore is one

Is bb gun ammo compatible in airsoft guns?

No. Metal bb's will not work in airsoft guns.

Can you get a license for airsoft guns in NYC?

yes, you can and need a license to own an airsoft gun in nyc.

Where are free air soft guns?

Airsoft guns are usually not free, however airsoft websites provide deals for very cheap airsoft guns. Example: see related link

Are airsoft guns legal near a school?

Usually airsoft guns aren't allowed in public places

Where do people use airsoft guns?

At airsoft fields, or in backyards.

Does cromwell CQB airsoft sell airsoft guns?