Are airsoft guns legal near a school?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Usually airsoft guns aren't allowed in public places

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Q: Are airsoft guns legal near a school?
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Where should you buy airsoft guns from?

easy, go to wal-mart or dickssportsgoods store near you and they should have plenty as well as the airsoft ammo as well

Are airsoft guns able to rent?

some arenas yes some no i would check with the place.

Are there any airsoft gun retail stores in Massachusetts?

To look for retail stores, go to, and type in "airsoft your city, MA." Places that sell airsoft guns are usuall Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabelas, and/or Bass Pro Shops. Type one of those in google with your city next to it in order to find a retail store near you. Email me at for any questions from airsoft guns, all the way up to real guns.

Where you buy the airsoft guns?

It depends where you live. There might be an airsoft store relatively near you. Stores are good because you can ask a lot of questions and get a gun that is great for you. If there arent any stores near you, start looking on the internet. I'd recommend:,,, and

What is the Wisconsin laws about airsoft guns?

There are no specific laws for paintballing anywhere but you must use them in the privacy of your backyard. Anywhere else without specific permission of the owner of the property you will get fined or go to jail. What about a city park or a wooded park like a mini forest in the middle of a city? because me and my team were going to practice wood ball in a near by wooded park.

Is a airsoft gun under 300 fps legal in Canada?

Under the Canadian Firearms Program, Airsoft guns with a muzzle velocity below 111.6 m/s (366 f/s), and resembling with near precision an existing make and model of a firearm, other than an antique firearm, are considered replica firearms and therefore are prohibited devices.

Should guns be allowed anywhere near schools?

NO! Do NOT bring guns to school unless you are a police officer! Think of those kids.

Where is there an airsoft field in or near Geneve Switzerland?

No it is not possible to purchase airsoft in Switzerland, but you may buy them off a website called there you can buy all the guns, equipment, gear and legally delivered to your home

Are there any airsoft stores near Milwaukee Wisconsin?


Does Oregon consider airsoft guns a firearm?

i am not sure about bb guns, but i do know that airsoft guns are legal. Because airsoft guns are considered toys by the government, you should be allowed to use them as long as you have your orange tip on your gun and are careful who you aim at. The previous answer does not answer the question posed. It is an opinion, and everyone has one. The law is not state wide, it is based on the city or county where you are shooting your airsoft gun at. So like with any law it is best to contact the local authorities. The shooting of airsoft guns is illegal in Beaverton though. The following is a quote from the (SEE THE LINK BELOW ) : The approved ordinance regulates possession of replica firearms in public places including highways, streets, schools, places of amusement, parks, playgrounds, public transportation centers and common areas of apartments and hotels. Under the ordinance, a replica firearm is any toy or imitation that substantially duplicates a lethal firearm or can reasonably be perceived to be an actual firearm. The rules would not apply to brightly colored toy guns or those constructed of transparent or translucent materials. It also does not restrict the use of replica guns on private property, including backyards. Anyone violating the ordinance could get a citation.

Where can you have an airsoft party in Southern California?

In Pleasanton it is illegal to shoot airsoft guns, and in all of California it is illegal to have an airsoft gun out in public (unless it is clear or neon colored) other than that I don't know

Where is an airsoft field to play near lawton Oklahoma?