What does algae mean?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What does algae mean?
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Related questions

Do crayfish eat allergy?

Do you mean ALGAE? If so, yes, they do eat algae.

Does wheals eat algae?

I'm assuming you mean Whales, they eat plankton and algae I believe.

What is the diet of algae?

Algae are autotrophs, which mean they produce their own food. Most use the sun to make it.

Do cars run on analge?

Analge is not a real word. If you mean algae the answer is no.

What do you mean by green water in swimming pools?

Answer: Perhaps you have an algae problem.

What does white looking water in your pool mean?

It means you have algae in the water.

What is vovlox?

Do you mean Volvox, which is a genus of chlorophytes, a type of green algae

What does the word alga mean?

algae is a green plant that grows in the ocean

Is a paramecium bursaria or a unicellular green algae harmed by each other?

what do you mean

What is the largest brown algae?

Some of the types of algae are staghorn algae, black brush or beard algae, green spot algae, and green thread hair algae. Other types of algae are green water algae, and black green algae.

What are the three types of multicellular algae?

red algae, green algae, and brown algae

Is algae scavengers?

No , Algae are not scavengers . Algae are producers .