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american girls are like any other girls. they like to talk have fun and learn new things.

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Q: What does american girls like?
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Does bill kaulitz like American girls?

no he don't, he prefer European girls hahaaaaaaaa. lol He said he like American girls to

Does Justin bieber like American girls?

yes he likes all girls

Do Japanese girls like American boys?

Probably. Do girls like boys? Yes.

Does one direction boys like American girls or british girls better?

Both! Of course!

In what country do girls like American men the most?


How can you get American girls to like you?

Just be yourself if they do not like you fo rhtat then they are not worth your time

Do Black guys like Central American girls?

Yeah they do, they love them!

Do girls like big butts?

May be. I think mostly american's.

Do American boys like English girls?

i grew up in England, and from what i remember brittinsh boys are OBSESSED with American girls. infact, u know how American boys n girls like brits with the whole sexy accent thing? it's ten times more in England, they LOVE Americans, like they're celebs or something. (well, they don't think they're better or anything, its just the accent that drives them wild) and while an American girl might think aw cute about a British girl, British girls feel slightly competitive against American girls, like they have to prove US girls ain't all that or something. either way, you two countries both like each other, so go for it. by the way, im not british... or American I just live in both countries and so this advice is from a purely unbiased, objective experience. gawd, brit boys even TALK about American girls all the time lol and who in the world can resist that British accent? hope that helps.

Do guys like Russian girls or American girls better?

It is a matter of individual preference and cannot be expressed as such a wide generalisation.

Why don't dark skinned African American girls like the light skinned or biracial girls?

because they aren't purebred

Why do british men like American women?

As American Girls are Fun Attractive, have great personalities and we love there accents!