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it will pinitrate your skin causing bleading and EXTREME pain

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Q: What does an airsoft gun that shoots at 1000 fps do to you?
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What air gun can i use if I'm going to shoot somebody from 1 mile distance?

1 MILE? For an airsoft gun that shoots 500fps (REALLY POWERFUL) it only goes about 200 meters. For 1000 meters you would need an airsoft gun that shoots 5 times that speed. 1000 fps lol. that's 200 fps under a real gun. My answer: No airsoft gun exists that shoots that far.

How much fps will a 6.01 tightbore barrel add to an airsoft gun that shoots 300 now?

most likely about 10-20 fps

Does using a bigger battery in your airsoft gun increase its fps?

No, The battery size determines the Rate of Fire or how fast it shoots. The fps is determined by the spring.

Is an airsoft gun that shoots over 500 fps legal in Canada?

In Canada any "gun" that shoots a projectile at 500 FPS or more is considered a firearm.

Which airsoft gun should you get a spring ak47 fps-300 airsoft gun or a m14 spring sniper rifle fps 390 airsoft gun?

go for the m14, unless its cheap looking.

How far will a BB go if the gun shoots 1000 fps?

Impossible to answer without knowing the weight of the pellet and caliber.

How many fps does a c02 propelled airsoft gun pellet fly?

Well, the legal FPS for an airsoft gun is 450, but you can get snipers, AEG's, etc. that run up to 600 FPS and beyond.

Is 1500 too much fps for an air soft gun?

that is way to hot for any airsoft field. my fields limit on snipers is 550 fps and you still cant shoot people within a 75 yard radius. if your just shooting targets its fine but if you want to actually play airsoft downgrade it. Theres no way your airsoft gun shoots at 1500 fps, the strongest airsoft gun i ever saw shot at about 550 and it was upgraded, i know some shoot close to 800 fps but those ones cost like 2 000$.

Does the Spring M0688A Tactical Shotgun FPS airsoft gun shoot more than one bb at one time?

No, it shoots 3 at once.

What is a good fps for an airsoft gun?

300 to 375

How much fps does the well mb06 sr 2 airsoft gun have?

It has 450 fps

How can you tell how powerful a bb gun is?

look on the box for the fps anything over 330 is strong for a rifle. but handguns are good anything over 250fps.This above information is fine for an Airsoft gun but for a non airsoft BB gun the FPS is different. A BB gun that shoots 460 FPS is considered strong and a BB rifle that shoots 600 FPS is considered strong. A pellet rifle that shoots a .177 caliber pellet at 1200 FPS is considered strong. Pellet guns and pellet Rifle are capable of producing faster speeds and more impact than BB guns and Rifles. Like Airsoft the FPS will be on the box or on the web page.The only way to tell is to get a chronographer and shoot at lest 10 shots through it and get the numbers, high, low, and the average. Now you'll have a better idea of how powerful the gun is. Speculation isn't very scientific, or accurate.